[Pangyo Game & Contents] Nexon unveils teaser video for ‘The First Descendant’, a new global looter shooter genre game

Nexon confirmed the official name of the new looter shooter ‘Project Magnum’ as ‘The First Descendant’ under development from their subsidiary Nexon Games and released a new teaser video.

The First Descendant is a new game in the looter shooter genre that combines third-person shooter combat and RPG. It is a triple A game with core values of high-quality visuals implemented with Unreal Engine 5, spectacular 4-player CO-OP shooting action, and sustainable RPG.

By releasing a teaser video and key visual through new trailer of The First Descendant, Nexon is preparing for global service. They are also planning a beta test to target the global market from October 20th to 27th. The beta test will be available through Steam, and anyone who pre-registered through the store page before the test can participate in the test.

Beom-jun Lee, PD of Nexon Games, said “The First Descendant is a game that maximizes the fun of shooting action and RPG based on the next-generation engine. This will provide fun and excitement that was not available through any domestic game, and we hope you will experience it for yourself.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom