[Pangyo Game & Contents] Nexon signed a domestic and global publishing contract to release a new game called “GODSOM”

NEXON GAMES, an affiliated company of Nexon Co., Ltd announced it signed a domestic and global publishing contract to release a new game called “GODSOM: Clash of Gods(hereinafter called GODSOM).”

GODSOM is a culmination of NEXON GAMES’ know-how for the game development that it has cumulated over time. This is a new but large-scale game based on MMORTS. The company aims to advance into the global markets such as Asia, North America and Europe.

GODSOM is about a turf war where players fight against each other to annex their competitor’s territory. This game is a combination of MMO characteristics that allow players to simultaneously play the game and a simulation which requires strategies. Players should collect and secure a lot of resources enough to develop their territories, thereby emerging as powerful ‘leaders’ in a game. In that way, players can experience entertainment. Plus, in a game are 40 different Gods that players can collect and those gods can be trained to become a hero that would lead players to victory in a war.

This publishing contract helped NEXON acquire the publication right to introduce “GODSOM” to players at home and abroad, and the company is expected to offer players various entertainment that can only be experienced through MMORTS with a strong user base.

Park Yong-hyun, CEO of Nexon Games, said, “GOTSOME’ is a game where NEXON GAMES incorporated their MMO development know-how into the RTS genre.” He also added, “It will be an attractive game that requires real-time strategies while providing greater fun with a large-scale battle that conjures up the war of the gods.”

Nexon CEO Lee Jung-heon said, “This publishing contract is all the more meaningful because MMORTS genre with NEXON GAMES will be added to the line-up of Nexon’s games. And he also added, “NEXON GAMES will provide unique entertainment and fun to future users around the world with its game-developing expertise and Nexon’s publishing capabilities.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom