[Pangyo Game & Contents] Nexon-GSOK successfully completes the 2022 thesis contest

– The contest exhibit was held in an attempt to boost academic research in the gaming industry

– Over the three months, 18 papers were reported, and three papers were selected as an excellent theses. 

Nexon announced the successful completion of the 2022 Nexon-GSOK thesis contest co-hosted by the GAME SELF-GOVERNANCE ORGANIZATION OF KOREA (GSOK).

The contest exhibit was held in an attempt to boost academic research in the gaming industry, the theme of which was “Influence of Nexon games on domestic society, economy, and culture.” The contest ran from June 9 of this year to September 18 and received a total of 18 theses. Experts from various fields assessed each thesis and handpicked three different papers for a prize (The grand prize is KRW 3 million, the excellent prize is KRW 2 million, and the participation award is KRW 1 million).

The grand prize went out to the team of Bae Sung-hoon, Cho Sung-geun, and Bae Joon-hee of Kyungpook National University, who submitted a paper under the theme of” ‘How does the combination of mode and IP lead to user participation?: Focus on Basic Consciousness and Experiential Creative Needs.” This paper received favorable reviews for its analysis of the impact of the existing IP use of mode production games on user participation with the case study on Maple Story World.

The excellent prize went to the team of Lee Soo-hyun and Kim Yong-woon of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Their thesis was “The impact of e-sports on the recognition of professional sports clubs online brands and the number of spectators at home games: focusing on FIFA Online eK League and K League.” The study of this paper focused on the effect of professional sports clubs’ participation in e-sports on sports clubs’ online brand awareness, spectators, and sales.

The team of Jeon Sung-eun and Jeong Se-wook of Kangwon National University became the winner of the participation award for their study. The theme of the paper was “Expression of Nexon’s Creative City, Focusing on Analysis of Nexon Maple Story.” They analyzed Maple Story to study the location of modern cities and the justification of games as a third place in preparation for the loss of social capital.

Nexon announced its research results and held an award ceremony at the Center for Law &Technology -GSOK Joint Seminar at BEXCO in Busan during G-Star on the 18th of this month.

An official from Nexon said this seminar was first held this year, co-hosted by Nexon and GSOK, and found a variety of novel research themes in different perspectives.” And he added, “We will continue to take responsibility and make much more efforts to conduct in-depth studies in the gaming industry.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom