[Pangyo Game & Contents] Neowiz DJMAX RESPECT V Releases New DLC, ‘V EXTENSION 3’

Neowiz’s leading rhythm action game, ‘DJMAX RESPECT V’, officially released a new DLC, ‘V EXTENSION 3’.

‘V EXTENSION 3’ is ‘DJMAX RESPECT V’s the 3rd of its regular DLCs, the ‘V EXTENSION Series’. The series is famous for showcasing the music of famous artists from Korea and overseas with unique genres and feels. The previous DLCs reached no.1 on ‘Steam Top Sellers’ upon being released on the global game distribution platform, Steam, and found its place as the representative service of ‘DJMAX RESPECT V’.

The lead song of the new DLC, ‘V EXTENSION 3’, was the producer ‘TAK’s new song, ‘Tic! Tac! Toe!’. The song that ‘TAK’ is showcasing after making his return to the DJMAX series after 10 years is an electro house song with a K-Pop feel and depicts the process of ‘El Clear’ and ‘El Fail’, the mascots of the DJMAX RESPECT series, debuting as an idol group in the music video. ‘FREEMIND’, the dancers responsible for the choreography of the hit song of the idol group ‘IVE’, added an additional layer of fun by participating in the dance at the highlight of the music video.

New songs from new artists, such as Takahiro Eguchi, YESEO, and Night Tempo, were also included. Including 10 songs like ‘Bambi’ from the producer ‘DAZBEE’ and other artists like ‘NieN’, ‘Tsukasa’, ‘Newton’, ‘HAYAKO’, and ‘Pure 100%’, there were a total of 20 songs.

Neowiz additionally provides DLC-only content like note and gear skin, UI, and theme skins to users of the new DLC, and gives a special mission as well. ‘V EXTENSION 3’ can be purchased on the official Steam page of ‘DJMAX RESPECT V’ for the price of 24,800 KRW.

There will also be a special event to celebrate the release of ‘V EXTENSION 3’. ‘V EXTENSION 3’ will be sold at a 15% discount until the upcoming November 23rd, and ‘DJMAX RESPECT V’ and its previous DLCs will receive up to a 75% discount until November 30th.

More specific details can be found in the official Steam page of ‘DJMAX Respect V’, and the teaser video of ‘V EXTENSION 3’ can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of DJMAX.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom