[Pangyo Game & Contents] Krafton reveals the worldview of Generation Z influencer virtual human “ANA”!

Krafton Co., Ltd. released short-form content including a virtual human Ana’s unique worldview and daily life on the 4th.

Ana is a ‘positive energy evangelist’ who delivers positive influence to the world through music and entertainment. It is a Generation Z influencer who likes games, songs, dance, and fashion and is interested in creating a sustainable society such as protecting animals and the environment.

The full body image and shortform content, which were released additionally, show Ana’s future moves as a virtual human being along with her natural daily life.

In the first teaser image released in June, the identity of the green crystal ring on Ana’s finger, which drew curiosity, was also revealed. The green crystal ring gives Ana the ability to teleport the various real worlds and interact with the world in new ways. In addition, it was also revealed that Ana has a special ability to make people around her feel better by shooting a pink bubble gun with the word “FIZZ.”

Ana, who arrived in the real world to spread positive influence around the world, will grow into a virtual influencer representing Generation Z around the world with unique stories and worldviews,” Krafton said. “This content will help you meet Ana’s hip visuals and energetic aspects.”

Meanwhile, Ana is a virtual human that Krafton first unveiled in June, and is created using Krafton’s unique technology such as hyperrealism, rigging, and deep learning technologies. Activities in various areas, including the release of the original piece of music and the release of the music video, will be released in a consecutive order.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom