[Pangyo Game & Contents] Kakao Creative Foundation Opens ‘Online Creative Academy’ Lecture for Cultural Content

Kakao Entertainment has completed uploading all lectures in the free ‘Online Creation Academy’ of the ‘Kakao Creation Foundation’, which was established to support the creators of Korea’s cultural content.

Kakao Creative Foundation is a foundation under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism established by Kakao Entertainment to build a healthy ecosystem for creators. Kakao Entertainment plans to contribute at least 10 billion won over the next 5 years, 2 billion each year for the operation of the foundation business. Starting with the ‘Online Creative Academy’, the foundation plans to develop various activities such as support for aspiring creators and their creation work, and public campaign projects.

Opened on September 5, the ‘Online Creation Academy’ provides education program designed for both current and aspiring creators to receive practical help throughout their creative process, from webtoon and web novel writing methods to legal information, mindset, and health care methods. Anyone can take the course for free without any qualification through the Kakao Creative Foundation website, and they can download the mobile app through the website.

The lecture consisted of a total of 82 sessions in 5 categories: webtoon, web novel, law, health, and psychology. In the webtoon and web novel categories, about 10 instructors, composed of current writers and cartoon critics, gave detailed information about the basics such as work tools, writing storyboards, how to discover materials, and setting angles for each situation. In addition to basic lectures, it also provided practical tips from the experiences of current writers, as well as the most frequently asked questions and answers in the writers’ career.

Above all, the ‘Online Creation Academy’ is distinctive, in that experts in their field, such as lawyers and specialists, provide lectures on law, health, and psychology specialized for content creators. This is an educational process that was difficult to access in previous creative academies, and it draws attention in that it can be helpful not only to prospective creators but also to established creators who are too afraid to ask for professional help while working as a single freelancer.

In the legal lecture category, detailed education on law, tax, and labor was provided. It contains detailed explanations so that creators can cope with various related situations such as provisions to be aware of when drafting contracts, basic concepts of copyright, how to receive relief in case of copyright infringement, labor law, and freelance business income tax treatment. In psychological lectures given by incumbent writers and psychiatrists, the creators can learn how to manage their mind to flexibly cope with malicious comments or stress from work. In the health course, rehabilitation medicine specialists teach how to manage the spine, waist, and neck for creators who have to sit and work for a long time.

The ‘Online Creation Academy’ also includes a message video for creators from writer Yoon Taeho, writer Jang dam and Seong In-gyu, president of the Korea Creative Story Writers Association. Writer Yoon Tae-ho said, “I think it will be of great practical help to creators if they can receive support for their work, contracts, laws, and management of mental stress. I hope that the online creative academy can be a good opportunity and a new starting point for many people.”

Writer Jangdam said, “As web content has developed, a new path and a good environment have been prepared for creators who used to be on the verge of life and death in the dark days of the market just 10 years ago. I hope that many successful new artists will be born through the online creation academy education, and that they will contribute to the development of web contents in Korea.” He added, “In that sense, I am very grateful for KaKao Creative Foundation.”

The Kakao Creative Foundation’s ‘Online Creative Academy’ plans to continuously open additional lectures, including advanced education courses for webtoons and web novels, following this year and next year.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom