Outstanding companies in the 12th International Climate & Environment Fair selected as BEST OF ICEF 2021!

In the 12th International Climate & Environment Fair (ICEF 2021), the global news network AVING News selected companies to receive the BEST OF ICEF 2021 award.

For this award, AVING News selected outstanding products based on product technology, innovation, marketability, design, and audience response. The companies will get separate news articles so that they can utilize it, and the news will also be posted in English.

ICEF 2021, containing the latest trends in the climate change handling industry, was held from Aug. 25 (Wed) to 27 (Fri) at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju.

ICEF 2021 is the only climate change handling technology exhibition in Korea. In this year’s show, contamination prevention technology to prevent air pollution, quarantine technology to protect people from COVID-19, indoor air quality management to block fine dust, climate change handling technology to respond to global warming, and resource circulation technology were exhibited.

The selected companies for BEST OF ICEF 2021 are as follows. △Purium △Dongbang Innovation △Hyclor

Purium selected for “BEST OF ICEF 2021” | Photo by AVING News

Purium introduces “Purium,” a 5-in-one safe quarantine gate

Founded in 2016 with the vision to create a safe and happy space, Purium registered “Safe Quarantine Gate Purium” as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service in 2020, and currently supplies and operates about 500 units to local governments, public companies, and public institutions across the country.

Purium is a 5-in-one product that has five features, sterilization, antibacterial, cleaning, dust collection, and deodorization, in addition to COVID-19 prevention. On top of outstanding quarantine effect, it has features that are needed in everyday life.

In recognition of its effectiveness in COVID-19 quarantine, Purium is being exported to Japan, Malaysia, and Spain.

Dongbang Innovation selected for “BEST OF ICEF 2021” | Photo by AVING News

Dongbang Innovation introduces Smart Video Channel Controller for smartization of digital agriculture

Since its establishment in 2001, Dongbang Innovation has started with the fields of closed circuit television system, parking control system, LED signboard. It is an information communication and meteorological/environmental company that continues research and development.

The smart video trough controller measures the water level through image analysis using a water level sensor and PTZ camera, monitors the field situation in real time from a long distance away from the field through images and sensors, and diagnoses the growth environment of crops accordingly.

It is an ICT-based outdoor irrigation control device that enables automatic control of water based on the collected water level data, and enables manual control from a remote location while the user watches the video in real time through a mobile app or website.

Hyclor selected for “BEST OF ICEF 2021” | Photo by AVING News

Hyclor exhibits electrolytic cell direct cooling method sodium hypochlorite generator

Hyclor is a company that started with the goal of producing high-quality tap water and is producing the only direct-cooling electrolytic cell sodium hypochlorite generator in Korea as a single item.

The electrolyzer direct cooling method is a non-pressure electrolysis method that removes heat immediately after electrolysis and separates hydrogen and oxygen at the same time. The content of disinfection by-products is within the standard value of first-class non-salt, and the salt consumption amount and power consumption amount is reduced.  The concentration is 10000ppm, showing a 25% increase in production rate compared to the previous model.

A staff from Hyclor said, “I hope everyone will understand the importance of drinking water for the first class non-salt.” Hyclor’s non-salt generators are currently installed in about 200 domestic water purification plants, and food service stations and swimming pool facilities, totaling 1,000.

In the 12th International Climate & Environment Fair (ICEF 2021), the center place of the major environmental and climate technologies, water treatment technology, air pollution prevention technology, soil pollution restoration technology, climate change handling industry, Npn-CO2 greenhouse gas reduction technology for greenhouse gas reduction were introduced. Video export and purchase consultation, public purchase consultation, SME consultation, ESG briefing and consulting, and various climate change forum side events were also held.

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