Outstanding companies in Korea’s new and renewable energy exhibition SWEET selected as BEST OF SWEET 2021!

In the international new and renewable energy show SWEET 2021 (Solar, Wind & Earth Energy Trade Fair 2021), the global news network AVING News selected companies to receive the BEST OF SWEET 2021 award.

For this award, AVING News selected outstanding products based on product technology, innovation, marketability, design, and audience response. The companies will get separate news articles so that they can utilize it, and the news will also be posted in English.

Co-hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City and Jeollanam-do and co-organized by Kimdaejung Convention Center, KOTRA, and Korea Energy Agency, it was held for three days from July 8 to 10, and 247 companies from 21 countries participated. Also, future energy technologies such as offshore wind power, floating solar power, ESS, hydrogen fuel cell, and smart grid to lead the Green New Deal were demonstrated.

Amid the prolonged COVID-19, SWEET 2021 was held as a hybrid exhibition that combines online and offline exhibitions. Online support has been strengthened by using real-time YouTube interviews with participating companies during the conference and exhibition period, and production of promotional videos for companies using K-Studio.

The selected companies for BEST OF SWEET 2021 are as follows.

△Shinsung E&G △BA Energy △Unison

Lee Min-young, the Head of Module Sales Team of Shinsung E&G, is holding the award board of BEST OF SWEET 2021 | Photo by AVING News

Shinsung E&G introduced building-integrated solar module Solar Skin & high-power solar module

Founded in 1977, Shinsung E&G is the leading contributor to the ultra-precise, high-value-added technology-intensive industry. Shinsung E&G’s products are manufactured in flawless air-conditioning technology, thoroughly removing foreign substances that can cause reduction in power generation, and manufactures them directly in Korea based on continuous R&D and provides proven solar cells and solar modules through rigorous quality inspection.

Solar Skin is made with the futuristic BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic System) technology, and it comes in three colors: white, gray, and terracotta. It can be customized in various colors according to the customer’s request and harmonizes with the design of the building. It was praised for its excellent aesthetics. Also, it is gaining great popularity in the zero-energy building market by applying the film that can provide the functions and performance of high-end building exterior materials. It is attracting attention as an active energy by producing stable efficiency of more than 10% on average and power of up to 230W.

The company exhibited its superior high-output and high-efficiency photovoltaic modules and highly durable eco-friendly modules for floating photovoltaic power plants and agricultural photovoltaic power generation. Shinsung E&G’s solar module achieved a maximum efficiency of 555W and a maximum of 21.4%, and used eco-friendly materials that can reduce microplastic emissions. IP68-rated junction boxes and corrosion-resistant frames have been used to ensure stable power generation even in extreme environments. In addition, highly durable eco-friendly products that have passed the strongest salt spray test will be introduced.

Pure Lumi, an indoor lighting free from fine dust was also exhibited. Pure Lumi is an air purifier integrated with lighting installed on the ceiling. It can be composed of various products depending on the size of the indoor space, and can be installed on the ceiling to utilize the space more efficiently. It is made of a triple filter and removes even ultrafine dust, yellow dust, pollen, odors and harmful gases, and remote control can be done through remote control and dedicated application.

An official from Shinsung E&G said, “In the photovoltaic market that is expanding, we have launched competitive products ranging from high-power solar modules, high-durability eco-friendly solar modules, and Solar Skin. Now, we are continuously making achievements, from signing a solar module supply contract in two Saemangeum districts. We will expand our market share by launching outstanding products in the future.”

Yang Seong-hyeok, General Director of Shinsung E&G, is holding the award board of BEST OF SWEET 2021 | Photo by AVING News

BA Energy unveils 4th gen ESS 4.0 with added safety software

BA Energy is introducing various energy safety management solutions to the market based on ICT technology for material and thermal energy management. Currently, it can be applied to ESS for new and renewable energy, ESS for peak reduction, ESS for electric vehicle charging stations, and ESS for micro grid.

ESS 4.0 introduced at this exhibition combines safety-related software services with existing hardware system technology, and the company launched the 4th generation with the emphasis on safety.

Also, BA Energy optimized the safe management and operation of ESS by applying SMS (Safety Management System) of its patented heat energy management technology made by collecting the know-hows from construction experiences in over 140 locations.

Especially, it is a factory mass-produced model with a double-shell and triple-insulation system that enables uniform quality module design. Also, advanced air conditioning and fire safety systems and internal non-combustible systems are effective in preventing the spread of fire.

An official from BA Energy said, “Our self-developed safety management system not only identifies the ESS safety status in real time through safety management monitoring and integrated safety management system functions, but also reduce risk during operation of ESS by predicting risk factors and detecting abnormalities.”

He said, “I plan to use this as an opportunity to identify trends in the overall ESS business, discover genuine buyers, discover energy-mobility convergence business, and search for business partners that can collaborate with us.”

Also, “BA Energy obtained a technology credit rating of 3 (TCB) last year and completed the selection of a host company with the goal of listing on the KOSDAQ. We aim to take a step forward in the global market by upgrading safety technology in business areas, including the main product, the ESS safety management system.”

Heo Seong-jin and Kwon Su-jin, Managers of Unison, are holding the award board of BEST OF BIO KOREA 2021 | Photo by AVING News

Unison showcases Korea’s largest capacity maritime platform in Korea’s new and renewable energy exhibition SWEET 2021

Founded in 1984, Unison is the first wind power generation company in Korea to build a wind farm in Yeongdeok, Gyeongsangbuk-do in 2005 and the largest wind farm in Gangwon-do the following year. Unison is carrying out the entire process from wind power generation business development, wind power generation equipment development and supply, wind power generation project PF (Project Finance), wind power farm construction, power generation (electric power) business, and maintenance.

The 10MW-class wind power generator U210 introduced at this exhibition is the largest offshore platform with the largest capacity in Korea with 131m in height and rotor diameter of 210m. It can withstand typhoon with the instantaneous wind speed of 70 m/s. Also, the U120 is a 2.3MW-class wind power generator that has been upgraded from U113 and is optimized for the low wind speed region of East Asia which is less than 6.5 m/s.

An official from Unison said, “We own a ‘wind power research institute’, a ‘wind power equipment manufacturing plant’, and a ‘service center’. Through this, we provide the best solution in all areas of the wind power generation business, from surveys on wind conditions, financing, development and production of wind power generation systems, and construction and operation of complexes.”

SWEET 2021, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, provides the largest business opportunity and network formation of new and renewable energy companies in Gwangju, the center of Energy Valley. Growing along with the development of new and renewable energy since 2006, SWEET became the first in Korea to acquire UFI certification in July 2008. Also, it was selected as the promising trade show for 10th time as the only trade show in new and renewable energy in Korea by MOTIE, and the only trade show co-hosted with KOTRA. The exhibition Items are as follows. △Solar heat/light △Smart grid △Wind power △Bio energy △Secondary battery △Hydrogen △Transmission and distribution △Marine and small hydropower △Energy efficiency △Geothermal

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