OUaRLaB introduces ‘Oxleep’, an AI sleep apnea treatment device at CES 2022

OUaRLaB (CEO Hyun-woo Shin) participated in CES 2022, which was held in Las Vegas from January 5th to 7th, and introduced their sleep apnea treatment device, “Oxleep.”

Sleep tech startup OUaRLaB was established with the aim of providing better recovery through quality sleep. They completed the development of their intelligent mandibular advancement device, a medical device that treats sleep apnea, and received approval as a medical device, before beginning to market their product in December 2021.

OUaRLaB’s Oxleep, an intelligent mandibular advancement device that was introduced at CES 2022 │Source -OUaRLaB

More than 70% of snoring and sleep apnea patients show posture-dependent characteristics, so symptoms of apnea worsen in the upright position and symptoms relieve in the sideways position. Taking this into account, OUaRLaB developed Oxleep, a ‘sleep posture-sensitive’ mandible advancement device.

Oxleep moves the lower jaw forward in the supine position, where sleep apnea worsens, and returns the lower jaw in the lateral position, where sleep apnea is alleviated, minimizing the side effects caused by continuous mandibularadvancement such as pain, malocclusion, and drooling.

Source -OUaRLaB

In addition, Oxleep is customized to each individual’s oral tooth structure, and offers customized treatment based on the patient’s sleep data, such as usage time and mandibular forward distance recorded in internal memory. The patient’s device usage record and sleep data can be checked at any time using OUaRLaB’s web reporting system.

An official from OUaR LaB said, “The collected data will be used to develop the next version of Oxleep so that the mandibular advancement can be adjusted based on the characteristics of each user, not just the sleeping position.”

Another advantage of Oxleep is that it can be charged and carried. Even though continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices can effectively treat sleep apnea, they are large in size and require a constant power supply, making it difficult to use outside the house. On the other hand, Oxleep is small and lightweight, and can be charged, making it travel-friendly.

An official said, “Through this exhibition, we managed to propose a new alternative that maximizes convenience in the sleep apnea market, where CPAP and fixed mandibular advancement devices were the only treatments.” He further added, “During the exhibition, local dentists as well as officials from the Nevada Department of Commerce and the French government visited the booth to learn more about the product and get advice.”

Source -OUaRLaB

In addition, at this year’s CES, OUaR LaB introduced the results and methodology of the sleep quality data construction project and infrared sleep video data construction project, which was conducted by Seoul National University Hospital between 2020 and 2021. The sleep quality dataset is a dataset that standardizedabout 10,000 polysomnography data into a new format called “image,” that was released to the public, and the infrared sleep video dataset consists of 1,000 polysomnography and infrared sleep videos. This was the result from utilizing data for AI learning established by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT, Minister Hye-sook Lim) and the National Information Society Agency (NIA, President Yong-sik Moon) and opened through AI-Hub.

The AI learning data construction project will be opened through AI-Hub by constructing a total of 1,300 types of data by 2025. The project is becoming a driving force for the growth of domestic small and medium-sized artificial intelligence companies, venture companies, and startups by addressing the difficulties of building high-cost and long-term data. 191 types of AI learning data opened on AI-Hub can be easily downloaded by anyone on the AI-Hub website.

In addition to OUaRLaB, five other companies; Infiniq, AI For Pet, MJ Vision Tech, AIMMO, and Saltlux, introduced solutions using data for AI learning.

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* Special Reporters: Ashley Kim, Joseph Choe, Kidai KIm, Dong-kwan Kim, Mok-kyung Lee, Sang-un Choi, Yea-won Choi, Wan-su Kim

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