OS Screen of 52 years’ tradition

(Picture: materials of screen surface ‘OS Pure Mat’)

1. World Class Company – exhibition center tour – OS Screen ①

TOKYO, Japan (AVING Special Report on ‘World Class Brand in Japan’) — <Visual News> ‘OS Screen’ is a professional screen manufacturer with a 52 years’ tradition in Japan. It currently holds 60 percent of market share in Japan. It has expanded the screen manufacturing business from products for theater use to products for schools and corporate use. As the home theater market has been expanding with Sony Play station, OS Screen entered a screen market for family use by establishing a separate corporation ‘Home Theater Co., LTD’.

(Picture: ‘Home Theater Co., LTD’ is a separate company of OS Screen, established for screen market for family use)

(Picture: Home theater gallery on the first floor)

(Picture: floor 1 gallery, floor 2 Sales department of OS Screen, floor 3 technical department of OS Screen, floor 4 Home Theather Co.,LTD, Floor 5 seminar room for AV. AVING reporters visited the gallery on the 1st floor and the seminar room for AV on 5th floor)

(Picture: the seminar room for AV on 5th floor)

(Picture: the screen installed in the front of the room. The screens are installed two-fold that you can select according to a particular use)

(Picture: the screen installed in the ceiling. Products of OS Screen are famous for its simple and convenient installation)

(Picture: you can control the screen with a touch screen)

(Picture: There is a separate space in the room for showcase of various screens)

<AVING Special Report Team in Tokyo: Editor&Publisher, Kevin Choi, Phobe Kwon, Annie Park, Hyunok Kim, Jongmin Lee correspondents of AVING to Japan, edited by Daniel Sirh>