Nurion introduces an IOT breathing sensor that provides care services for the elderly living alone at International Light Convergence EXPO 2021

Nurion booth at International Light Convergence EXPO 2021│Photo by AVING NEWS

Nurion participated in the International Light Convergence EXPO held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Ilsan for three days from October 13 (Wed) to 15 (Fri)

Nurion is founded in 2005, and specializing in smart lighting based on general LED lighting and IOT. It provides lighting solutions at the highest level in the industry through experience in completing major domestic lighting projects with landscape lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, and sports lighting.

Nuion’s indoor and outdoor LED lighting has both practical design and stable functions, and it is possible to save energy and emit low carbon without affecting the quality of the light or the performance of the product. By combining LED lighting technology and wireless communication technology, differentiated lighting technology and stability have been secured. Currently, not only in Korea market but also export to 25 companies in 15 countries.

Byung-Guk Kim director of Nurion, said, “In this exhibition, we introduced explosion proof lamps, smart street lamp systems and IOT respiration sensors installed and operated in Ansan city. The newly released explosion-proof lamp is an internal pressure explosion-proof, which can cover both interior and exterior, and 45W to 150W,”

Nurion booth at International Light Convergence EXPO 2021 │Photo by AVING NEWS

Nurion booth at International Light Convergence EXPO 2021 │Photo by AVING NEWS

In addition, the IOT respiration sensor, which is being carried out as a optical fusion project, is a care system that takes care of the elderly living alone or the disabled. It recognizes a person’s heart rate and breathing through a biosensor to prepare for an accident. Automatic reporting is possible in case of an emergency through fire, outpatient, gas, and activity detection.

Director Byung-Guk Kim said, “Beyond the convenience of simply illuminating the darkness, light, which sometimes becomes a design and space itself, is evolving into a cutting-edge technology that changes the world. We will continue to make efforts to leave great strides in the lighting industry.

‘International Light Convergence Expo 2021’ organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, LED Industry Forum, and KOTRA and managed by the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership, will be conducted by integrating the 19th International LED&OLED EXPO and PHOTONICS+LASER EXPO. The main exhibit items are as follows. △LED △OLED △DISPLAY △Bio LED △Electronics △Optical Communication

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