“Now the era of video leaflets” Jae-hwan Lee, CEO, Shootbutton

With ESG becoming the topic of conversation, the insight that can virtuously circulate products that were disposable will lead the market. Shootbutton (CEO Jae-hwan Lee) developed the platform “Travel Button” in which video leaflets can be self-produced in the tourism leaflet market which was produced in paper.

“Travel Button” is a video leaflet platform that converted the paper leaflet that is common in government offices into mobile.

Travel Button has domestic and foreign tourist site videos of approximately 3000 places, and provides a production tool service in which a video leaflet can be produced utilizing this. Anyone can easily use the service to create travel video content or leaflets without an additional tutorial as the use method is intuitive.

The existing leaflets are printed and thrown away every year, but Travel Button preserves the link address and the content can be modified once produced as a video leaflet. Also, the existing leaflet in which numerous pages of paper were used is made to connect to a link or QR code so that it is easily portable and accessible.

CEO Jae-hwan Lee calls himself “a true travel lover.”

He said, “I enjoyed traveling since childhood, and majoring in video, I thought about how to make a living using that, and now I am here.” He explained, “I traveled across the country for one year at my own cost with the aspiration to produce a travel information site based on video since 2013, took videos of tourist sites and worked in platform and travel video commerce business.”

CEO Lee saw that government and public office companies utilizing video content produced at a high service cost only for a single time, and found interest and the possibility of a “tourism leaflet platform.”

“I tried to use the common tourism leaflet differently. I am still pursuing the one-source multi-use method in which recycling multiple times is possible in various places that require it,” he added.

Shootbutton supplies specialized video leaflets to local governments and public offices, and after being selected as the beneficiary company of large-size vouchers by the Korea National Tourism Organization, is in the progress of planning a platform in which travel agencies employees in the travel industry can easily make productions.

CEO Lee said, “if the winning work of existing contests were posted on YouTube and social media, now these works will be edited by location and uploaded within the platform for free use. If each local government provides the existing PR videos produced by subcontract through the Travel Button platform, the companies connected to the tourist sites of the region can use them, I would like to increase the quality of the PR content by playing the role of an archive.”