NK Aether to introduce technology for localization of ultra-high pressure hydrogen storage containers at HYVOLUTION 2022

Y-ton │ Photo source- NK Aether

NK Aether Co., Ltd. (CEO Ho-Sun Wi) participated as a joint Korean pavilion at the ‘HYVOLUTION 2022,’ which was held at the Paris Event Center in France from May 11th to 12th.

NK Aether, spun off from NK Group in May 2020, is the only manufacturer specializing in ultra-large pressure vessels in Korea. With 30 years of accumulated technology, they produce tube trailers and ultra-high pressure ASME storage system, which are large-capacity transportation equipment for semiconductors, hydrogen energy, natural gases, and various industrial gases.

By localizing the 550 bar and 990 bar ultra-high pressure ASME storage containers for hydrogen refueling stations, which had been entirely dependent on imports, they laid the groundwork for entering the domestic market as well as overseas markets such as Australia and Europe. They plan on localizing foreign 990 bar ultra-high pressure containers using a composite container by designing a Type 1 container (metal material) with proven safety. This is to supply more reliable hydrogen storage systems to domestic and foreign markets.

NK Aether succeeded in exporting 550 bar and 250 bar hydrogen storage systems to a major Australian customer. They are also in the process of standardizing the market based on ether products in the Australian marketwhileactively conducting sales in European markets, including France, where investments in the hydrogen sector is significantly increasing.

H2 tube trailer(Up), 550bar H2 stroage │ Photo source- NK Aether

Thanks to the continued demand for hydrogen pressure vessels in the domestic market and the discovery of new customers in emerging markets such as Australia and Europe along with their achievements discussed above, NK Aether expects to exceed its initial business forecast by more than 12% in 2022. They plan to significantly improve the transportation competitiveness of existing hydrogen tube trailers by completing the development of a super-large container within this year and commercializing it.

“Our products cover various industries such as semiconductor special gas, hydrogen energy, natural gas, and various industrial gas transportation/storage systems,” said NK Aether CEO Ho-sun Wi. He explains furthermore, “We plan to increase our market share in the European market by developing and supplementing customer-specific products such as Type 1 or Type 4 by analyzing trends in hydrogen transportation equipment and storage systems in the European market,” while explaining the reason for participating in this exhibition.

“As a company with a certified world-class product, designated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, we intend to grow into a world-class high-pressure container manufacturer with the belief that energy and value are safely contained in the highest-quality containers,” he added.

NK Aether CEO Ho-sun Wi │ Photo source- NK Aether

Meanwhile, HYVOLUTION is the largest hydrogen industry B2B (business-to-business) exhibition in France hosted by GL Events. This year, more than 250 hydrogen value chain-related companies and institutions from around the world will participate in △ Mobility, △ Energy, and △ Industry. Korea’s ‘Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee’ will participate in the exhibition as a joint pavilion by signing an NDA for exhibition exchange with French MICE company GL Event. Along with nine domestic hydrogen-related companies and institutions, a PR hall will be established and operated, to explain domestic hydrogen industry trends and promote the private hydrogen industry.