New MMOs in November 2010 Round up!

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> What’s the greatest highlight in the game industry in Nov. 2010? The answer is undoubtedly “G-Star 2010”!

(Picture : Blade & Soul)

As a yearly game expo in South Korea, G-Star always attracts many famous game companies to showcase their high-quality games, and various great Korea-based game developers also make every possible effort to present the audience with their latest development results and carry out face-to-face interaction with the audience. At this year’s G-Star, visitors witnessed the charm of the highly-anticipated and well-received games that are endowed with rich gameplay content, including Blade & Soul, Kingdom Under Fire II and C9. Before reviewing the new games in Nov., let’s check out some highlights at G-Star 2010!

(Picture : XAOC)

BLUESIDE™ has released brand new footage of their MMO Action RTS “Kingdom Under Fire™ II(KUFII)”. This latest trailer unveils never-before-seen footage of the towns and landscape of Bersia, the game’s main setting. It also shows the various types of Battaloons, the class-based motherships which serve as the players’ means of conveyance, and the customized characters whose outfits differ depending on the player’s level. The trailer also features several scenes that give hints as to how the universe of KUFII is shaping up.

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