Neon Creation Introduces Various Products of ‘Dee Dee the Little Sorceress’, the 3D Animation, at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022… “Will Aim for the Global Animation Market!”

Some of the products of the ‘Dee Dee the Little Sorceress’ series showcased by Neon Creation at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 | Photo by – AVING News

Neon Creation (CEO Kyungwon Han) attended ‘Gwangju ACE Fair 2022’, which was held for 4 days from Sept 22nd (Thurs) to the 25th (Sun) at Kim Daejung Convention Center in Gwangju.

As an animation producer, Neon Creation produces TV animations for children as well as provide VFX producing services as their main business. Working with their partners in Korea and overseas, they have experience planning multiple of their own projects and supplying content and products of their independently produced intellectual property (IP) to the global market.

The genre of their works includes traditional 2D animation, 3D CGI, and Flash/Toomboom Harmony, and they have produced works for global companies like USA’s Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, MoonScoop, Splash Entertainment, and France’s ‘Xilam’ as clients.

Neon Creation showcased various content and MD (merchandise) based on the 3D animation series, ‘Dee Dee’, in the exhibition. The series, made up of a total of 52 episodes that are around 11 minutes long, had Singapore’s ‘Toonz Media Group’, Malaysia’s ‘Cengkerik’, and Ireland’s ‘Telegael’ involved in production with Neon Creation, and it was distributed by Neon Creation and Spain’s Imira Entertainment.

In Korea, it aired until last year on KBS 1, a state-run broadcasting channel, and aired on TV Chosun this year. Based on this, the company explained that it gained a lot of awareness and popularity on related markets and that there were talks to air the show on more channels in Korea and overseas. It is currently being aired in Ireland, Japan, Pakistan, and Russia, and is soon to be aired in Malaysia as well.

Kyungwon Han, CEO of Neon Creation, taking a commemorative photo with the character of the ‘DeeDee the Little Sorceress’ | Photo by – AVING News

At the same time, productization through a professional producer actively took place, and both released and soon to be released products were revealed through the exhibition. It had a diverse composition, including books and video content for children’s education, dolls, and toys.

Kyungwon Han, the CEO of Neon Creation, “As the series garnered sensational popularity in the global children’s animation market until now, we are currently focusing on productizing this to meet more consumers,” and revealed that, “This was showcased at the exhibit and we’ve gotten a great response from the consumers of Dee Dee, which are mainly children and parents.”

She went on to say, “Going further, 2Eyes Monster, which currently has its teaser revealed, also got positive responses from meeting with broadcasting companies and OTT companies for its airing, and we have plans to collaborate with potential partners and attract investments for its launch soon.” She then added on to that, saying, “We also have plans to grow this into content which spans the global market, and I hope for the success of our company in the future as well.”

Neon Creation’s booth at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 | Photo by – AVING News

Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 is a comprehensive content exhibition where you can see all categories of content licensing, including AI, metaverse, VR/AR, games, broadcasts, animations, and characters, in one place. It was hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the metropolitan city of Gwangju, and overseen by the KimDaejung Convention Center, Gwangju Information & Content Agency, Gwangju Institute of Design Promotion, Korea Cable TV Association, and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). In addition to the ‘Web Animation Festival (WAF)’ hosted by the Gwangju Information & Content Agency, there were other diverse additional events showcased throughout the exhibition period, such as the New Illustrator Discovery Contest with NC Soft, board game competition and experiencing event, cosplay festival, the 15th Youth Broadcasting Content Contest, and animation premiere.