NCSOFT Has Updated ‘Berserk’ Content in Lineage W

NCSOFT announced on the 6th that they updated their MMORPG, ‘Lineage W’, with new content made in collaboration with the Japanese manga ‘Berserk’

‘Berserk’ by Kentaro Miura, who passed away last year, is considered one of the representative works of ‘Dark Fantasy’, a genre that features swords, magic, and demons.

NCSOFT has updated the ‘Dimensional Gap’ where gamers can enjoy Berserk’s storyline in Lineage W. They also updated major characters such as ‘Guts’ and ‘Puck’ with transformations and magic features.

NCSOFT also announced that they will update their other major MMORPG, ‘Aion Classic’ 2.5 on the same day.

Aion Classic users can enjoy content such as the new dungeon ‘Tempus’, new equipment for the corps commander, elite corps commander armor, and the renewed dungeon ’30 Corps’ hiding place’ starting from the 20thof this month.

Through the update on the same day, users now have access to the ‘United World Exchange Market’ where they can trade items and Kinah (in game currency) regardless of server or race.