NAMUTECH to showcase advanced software technology at ‘CES 2022.’

  • NAMUTECH to target the global market with ‘Smart DX Solution’ unified management with AI, big data, cloud, and CMP 
  • NAMUTECH introduces the next-generation software technology with the cloud, AI, and big data in the future technology market. 

NAMUTECH is presenting the integrated digital transformation solution ‘Smart DX Solution’ at the world’s largest IT convention, ‘CES 2022’, taking place in Las Vegas, United States, from the 5th to the 8th of January. 

The related industry predicts that NAMUTECH will create a new ecosystem in line with the diversifying IT service market through Smart DX Solution.

At this CES, NAMUTECH organized a Smart DX booth where visitors can experience artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, and CMP. Participants will be able to experience various next-generation technologies. 

The Smart DX Solution, consisting of 4 aspects: the cloud, artificial intelligence, big data, and CMP, is an integrated solution designed based on openness and automation. It is an assembly of the core future technologies for digital transformation.

This product provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in various cloud environments, and it can operate by integrating big data analysis and DevOps, MLOps, and DataOps services among the SaaS.

NetMiner 365, the smart big data product, provides data analysts with a graph machine learning environment. It equips data analysts with self-service machine learning, offers full-featured graph analytics and cutting-edge graph machine learning. 

MARTINIE, the smart AI product, enables users to leverage MLOps with end to end reusable ML pipeline, an effective ML model management, guaranteed parallel processing and scalability, and teamwork-based apps. 

Cocktail Cloud, the smart cloud product, is an enterprise cloud-native platform for digital transformation. It supports various enterprise cloud implementation strategies with on-premise, private, public, hybrid/multi-cloud, and PaaS. 

Sinbad, the CMP product, provides a full-stack DevOps management platform. It supports infrastructure for each user application and customized service composition between platform layers. 

Through this, customers can operate and maintain the solution they want without being locked into a specific vendor or ecosystem. Cloud computing will enable businesses to reduce upfront IT infrastructure costs. In addition, CI/CD will allow the customers faster and more continuous delivery and distribution.

NAMUTECH said, “We planned the exhibition under the theme of future ICT that converges the recently accelerating cloud trend with artificial intelligence, big data, and CMP technology. Customers worldwide can receive the service they want through integrated solutions. They will be able to experience artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, and CMP technologies and solutions through an integrated platform that can operate various applications with a unified UI/UX.”