myThings Introduces ‘AllmyT’ at VIETNAM through PoC program of Seoul Startup Hub

Based on AIoT platform technology, myThings Offers a system is a system that develops high value-added crop cultivation and green biotechnology through it, and automatically manages various environmental factors by the datafication of the natural environment that can stably grow high-quality crops.


To achieve this optimal environment, the AIoT platform ‘AllmyT’ with high scalability, which is easy and convenient to add and remove functions, was developed and commercialized.

‘AllmyT’ is a highly scalable platform that is easy and convenient to add and remove functions. Cloud and edge computing technologies safely collect and process data quickly to realize an optimal environment, and the AI-based optimal environment implemented in this way is automatically controlled in combination through special processing engines.

Many smart farm companies have appealed that anyone can farm anytime, anywhere, but many problems have been raised about effectiveness and profitability in the actual agricultural field. Accordingly, myThings developed a ‘digital recipe’ for each high value-added crop that is difficult to cultivate.

Mushroom cultivation facilities

Digital recipes are technologies that standardize quality and quantity of the product by providing an optimal environment implemented digitally according to the characteristics of each crop, and through this technology, research is underway to develop eco-friendly materials and substitutes through the cultivation of fungi/algae as well as crop production.

AllmyT can easily and quickly link various sensors and actuators to realize all environmental values suitable for the characteristics of each crop, and big data-AI-based rule base engines automatically implement complex environments just as nature. Also, the quality and quantity of the crop may not complete or sometimes crop even die due to the great influence of a brief system interruption. Accordingly, by applying redundancy technology that provides non-stop services under any circumstances, it is possible to operate during maintenance time even when the Internet or electricity is interrupted or parts fail.

In 2020, AIoT platform and leaf vegetable cultivation recipes were developed to enter the indoor cultivation smart farm and air purification plant cultivation wall greening business.

Currently, it has created and operated an indoor cultivation smart farm at Gongdeok Seoul Startup Hub and F&B company Chorokbaem Foodfarm and has created wall greening and automatic cultivation management systems at Cheonan City Hall, Boramae Medical Center, Sejong National arboretum, and Chuncheon City Hall.

In 2021, digital recipes for mushroom and fungus cultivation were developed to complete the demonstration of a system capable of stably harvesting the highest quality shiitake mushrooms, Flower Shiitake.

So far, it has received seed investment from CNTTech and Next G1, has been selected for preTips, and is also discussing attracting investment with leading overseas VCs.

Through the support project with SBA, a business agreement with Daviteq, KK FUND, and NSSC was signed, myThings showroom will be set up in the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, mushroom cultivation complexes in Indonesia and Vietnam, and a mushroom cultivation complex in Pyeongchang with KIST in Korea are yet to be set up. Through this, prior research for fungus cultivation will be completed to develop alternative meat and styrofoam alternatives, and digital recipes will be expanded to fruits to develop a system that can grow strawberries all year around.