[MWC 2017 Preview ] YOLK Introduces Solar Module for ‘Solar Paper’ and IoT Market

YOLK will exhibit its solar modules aimed at the innovative solar charger and the upcoming IoT market by participating in ‘MWC 2017’ held in Barcelona, ​​Spain from February 27 to March 2 as a joint project of K-ICT Device Lab.


YOLK’s solar photovoltaic charger ‘SolarPaper’ is the first product in Korea and one percent of the world’s top-financed US $ 1 million (KRW 1.2 billion) funding from kickstart funding in the US in 2015. ‘Solar Paper’ is a product designed to facilitate everyday life with ultra-high efficiency base and innovative functions that allow the solar charger, which was limited to the wilds or camping, to be able to buffer the sophisticated design and the smartphone (based on the iPhone 7) in two and a half hours .

As its name suggests, it is thin and light like paper, it is easy to carry anywhere, and it is characterized by the ability to adjust the amount of power for each device by connecting the contacts through a magnet. For example, two smartphones can be charged at the same rate as a household charger for 2 panels on a clear day and 4 panels for a tablet PC.

In addition, it is possible to confirm the current amount in real time through LCD monitor and auto-reset function to solve the shadow problem when charging the solar light, which gives trust to both consumers and sellers.


Based on the development technology of solar paper, YOLK is now preparing ultra-small, ultra-efficient modules that can serve as power and sensor for the upcoming IOT market.

The global news network Aving News, which has delivered the most issues of CES, MWC and IFA, the world’s top three tech exhibitions over the past decade, will also send a special report team to the MWC to report major issues in the market. Also, as part of ‘MADE IN KOREA & MADE BY KOREA’ project, it will find companies from Korea who participated in the exhibition and introduce them to all over the world.

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