[MWC 2017 Preview] Piquant’s Non-Contact Optic Sensor Tech Selected As ‘4YFN’ Best Company

Piquant(CEO Doyeon Pee) is selected as The Best Company by ‘4YFN’, the global startup fair, the joint event of ‘MWC 2017’ from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2.

Pi produced by Piquant is an ingredient analysis scanner of which non-contact optic sensor analyzes object’s ingredient and informs whether it does harm or not to human body. This is an analyzer using object characteristics responding to specific wavelength and this lets you know harmful ingredient in powder milk beforehand and this is IoT-based, so remote inspection is possible using a smartphone.

Compared to existing spectrometer, this is low-priced and compact-sized and other than powder milk, they are planning to develop a variety of products which can tell whether specific ingredient is contained or not.


Piquant was selected as 4YFN’s Best Company and its technology and prominence was publically acknowledged and is planning to analyze consumers’ needs to extend its solution as well as enter B2B market.

Meanwhile, ‘4YFN(4Years From Now 2017)’, the joint event of MWC 2017(Mobile World Congress 2017) is a startup fair consisting of fair, conference, competition, investors’ meeting, and award. Startups, venture capitals and incubators with innovative technologies will be gathered for this event which is held in Fira Montjuic exhibition center for the same period as MWC 2017, from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2.

Aving News, the global news network that has been reporting most of issues on the world top 3 tech fairs, CES, MWC and IFA for last 10 years will send out special report team to this year’s MWC to report major issues. In addition, as part of their project ‘MADE IN KOREA & MADE BY KOREA’, they will spot Korean MWC participant corporations to introduce them to the world.

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