[MWC 2016 Preview] Samsung Pay Global Expansion Could Be Announced At MWC

크기변환_Samsung Pay

Unfortunately expanding into markets around the world for mobile payments isn’t as easy compared to launching music or video streaming services. This is probably why payment services like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are still somewhat limited in their availability, but in Samsung’s case, that could change soon.

A report from Business Korea has indicated that Samsung could announce global expansion plans for Samsung Pay. As it stands, Samsung Pay is only available in countries like the US and South Korea, with plans to launch in China as well. We have also heard about plans to expand to Europe like in the UK.

It is possible that all of this could be confirmed at Samsung’s event in MWC 2016, and maybe there could be more markets as well. In any case we suppose expansion is inevitable and an announcement at MWC 2016 makes sense. Samsung is also expected to announce their new flagship phones at the event, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, both of which will presumably be compatible with the payments service.

One of the limitations to Samsung Pay is device compatibility, in which only Samsung’s flagship handsets are able to use the service. However despite that, Samsung Pay is reportedly off to a good start, so we can only imagine if it were to roll out to more Samsung devices, or just Android devices in general.

(Reference: Ubergizmo)

by Eunjung Yu