[MWC 2016] LG Friends’ LG Hi-Fi Plus to Provide High Quality of Sound


LG Electronics had held ‘LG G5 Day’ and unveiled G5 with ‘LG Hi-Fi Plus of LG Friends’ at Sant Jordi Club, Barcelona, Spain and on February 21st.

LG showcased smartphone accessories which is called ‘LG Friends,’ interworking with G5, to overcome the limit of smartphone. As LG’s G5 has a detachable module to be connected to other devices, LG Friends has a reason to be noticed.

LG’s Hi-Fi Plus is made by LG electronics and B&O Play, the world-class audio company, and it has a 32 bit ‘portable Hi-Fi Digital to Analog Converter(DAC)’ module. Hi-Fi Plus provides the superior quality of audio that smartphone can realize and it’s able to be combined with G5.

It supports Up-Bit & Up-Sampling which enhances a common sound to be the original one and plays high-resolution sound source of 32 bit -384kHz. H3 by B&O PLAY, premium high-end earphone, provides high-quality sound.


by Dahyun Kim