[MWC 2016] LG Friend’s LG Cam Plus Provides Controlling and Grip Feeling Like a Professional Camera

LG_Cam Plus_main

LG Electronics had held ‘LG G5 Day’ and unveiled G5 with ‘LG Cam Plus of LG Friends’ at Sant Jordi Club, Barcelona, Spain and on February 21st.

As a camera has become the important option for consumers to choose a smartphone, LG has tried to enhance the ability of its camera. LG Friends’ LG Cam Plus is the product of LG’s hard work.

Used for camera grip, LG Cam Plus works like a module to be combined with G5. It has physical buttons including camera operation, shutter, recording and zoom-in and zoom-out to provide users with controlling and grip feeling like a general camera. G5 currently make an attempt to break the wall between smartphone cameras and professional cameras like DSLR.

LG Cam Plus can be utilized as a supplementary battery so that it reduces user’s worry about battery consumption. 1200mAh battery is added to G5 so it has totally 400mAh battery.

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by Dahyun Kim