MOPIC introduces Light Field 3D Display that provides visual immersion in Try Everything 2021!

Light Field 3D Display│Photo courtesy of MOPIC

MOPIC (CEO Shin Chang-bong) participated in Try Everything 2021 held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul and Haneul Theater of the National Theater of Korea from Sep. 15 (Wed) to 17 (Fri).

Founded in 2015, MOPIC is a spin-off from Samsung Electronics that has visual immersion technology. As one of the global leaders in Light Field 3D display technology, it provides expertise and consulting from hardware design to software development to deliver the ultimate visual immersion experience to our customers.

MOPIC won the 2019 CES Innovation Award and was selected as one of the world’s top five lightfield 3D display companies by StartUs Insight, a market research institute, and Baby Unicorn and Microsoft Startup Program companies by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Light Field 3D Display is a state-of-the-art technique that embodies real-world parallax and binocular parallax on a display. When the position from which the display is viewed is changed, the image of the object seen from that position is accurately matched and displayed. The company’s current technology makes it possible to view 50 different images in a total range of 50 degrees by changing the image to match that position every time the viewing position changes by 1 degree. Without wearing an HMD or 3D glasses, you can feel the visual immersion effect that jumps out of the display screen into a deep space and out of the screen right in front of your eyes.

Light Field 3D Display│Photo courtesy of MOPIC

A MOPIC official said, “In numerous domestic and international exhibitions, we have witnessed that the contents provided through our Light Field 3D Display caught the attention of visitors and induced their interest. When MOPIC’s Light Field 3D Display technology is applied to retail signage and digital art, it gives a big difference to the visible image although it looks the same as 2D signage. So, we started developing the product, thinking that it would be very useful for advertisement and promotion.”

MOPIC manufactures Light Field 3D Display (hardware) by attaching 3D optical lenses without changing the structure of the 2D display. This method can be applied to various sizes of displays, ranging from smartphone size to large displays. Also, it provides software with eye tracking and real-time rendering algorithms that reduce computation time and increase accuracy by using AI deep learning.

It also solved the difficulty of securing content, which was a problem with 3D TVs and 3D monitors in the past. Content creator tools can be provided so that customers can easily and quickly create 3D immersive content using 2D digital images. The difficulty of the content creator tool is that of editing PowerPoint.

Light Field 3D Contents Creator│Photo courtesy of MOPIC

Thanks to such technological prowess, MOPIC has more than doubled its sales every year since its foundation. Sales in the first half of this year more than quadrupled compared to last year’s sales despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

It also has strong partnership. It has been selected as a metaverse technology supplier for major domestic and foreign companies such as Samsung Electronics, Google, and LG U+, and has signed formal partnership agreements. PoCs with domestic and foreign large companies are also actively underway. In the AI field, AVIKUS, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group’s autonomous ship navigation company, and KT are demonstrating remote control of autonomous ship navigation using the light field 3D system together with MOPIC.

It is also participating in the smart city test bed in Barcelona, Spain. The staff explained that the MOPIC Light Field 3D Display was installed in Glories, Barcelona’s Premier shopping mall Glories Shopping Center in June, and it is receiving positive response from visitors, Glories and public opinion. Germany’s Daimler is considering applying MOPIC Light Field 3D System to the dashboard of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

A MOPIC official said, “In the future, we will seek long-term and short-term collaboration in seven industries, including retail/advertising, electronics, education, automobile, heavy industry, healthcare, and aerospace/defense. In the remote section, we plan to find new markets through partnership with 5G service provider in various industries, and build a business plan.”

Light Field 3D Display│Photo courtesy of MOPIC

Try Everything 2021 is hosted and organized by Seoul Metropolitan City, MK Media Group, and Seoul Startup Hub, It is a global startup festival where promising startups, investors and accelerators from around the world gather together.

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