MOORIM P&P Introduces New Eco-Friendly Pulp Materials at Daegu Machinery Expo 2021

View MOORIM P&P’s exhibit at Daegu Machinery Expo 2021 | Photo – AVING NEWS

MOORIM P&P participated in Daegu Machinery Expo 2021 held at EXCO in Daegu from November 16th to 19th and introduced new eco-friendly pulp materials.

MOORIM (MOORIM Paper, MOORIM SP, MOORIM P&P), a company that has led Korea’s paper history for more than half a century since its establishment in 1956, succeeded in mass production of wood free paper for the first time in Korea in 1974, production of premium double-coated art paper in 1999, and the establishment of the first and only pulp-paper plant in Korea in 2011, it has made a big mark in the Korean paper industry every moment..

MOORIM, which takes the lead in sustainable management and realizes ESG, has developed biodegradable and eco-friendly plastics using Wood Particle (WP) and cellulose from wood, which are non-food plant materials.

In particular, the pulp mold, which was introduced through this exhibition, uses pulp, a natural raw material, as a new eco-friendly packaging material that can replace the rapidly increased plastic due to delivery, and boasts high biodegradability to return to nature without additional chemical processing.


CellRim, a bioplastic brand displayed together, has improved strength or biodegradability by adding nature-friendly materials such as pulp powder, pulp flakes, wood particles to plastics, recycled plastics, and biodegradable plastics. As the first example of showing the impossible in reality, Pulp Hanger attracted many visitors’ attention.


Meanwhile, the Daegu Machinery Expo 2021 was hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and organized by EXCO, DGMC Daegu Gyeongbuk Machinery Cooperative, Daegu Techno Park Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center, Small and Medium Business Convergence Daegu Gyeongbuk Federation, Korea Engineering Consultants Corp., and KOTRA. The exhibition items are as follows. △Factory Automation Equipment △ Smart Factory △ Machinery, Equipment △ Tools, Mold △ Control Measurement, Inspection Equipment △ Logistics, Packaging Machine Tube △ Welding, Casting

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