Mobile game controller ‘XEG’ working with all kinds of cell phones

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Flyin Studio( has launched its new mobile game controller ‘XEG’.
With this model installed in your cell phone, you can enjoy mobile game with two hands. 8-direction keys, action keys, dual-trigger button help to increase thrilling experience.
Since it works with almost every kind of cell phones in the market, you can also enjoy other exciting mobile games like shooting game, simulation game, and role-play game. Since it features a hot key built inside that has access to wireless internet, you can download games from the company website ‘WAP’.

Meanwhile, Flyin Studio already made a contract with USA Wireless regarding export to USA market.

(Picture: Sung Wook, Chung, CEO of Flyin Studio)

(Picture: vice president of USA Wireless, a partner of Flyin Studio)