MJ Vision Tech Introduces Intelligent Smart Control Solution ‘AIBIS’ at CES 2022 Targeting the US Market

MJ Vision Tech (CEO Joo-young Kim) participated in CES 2022 held in Las Vegas from January 5th to 7th and introduced artificial intelligence-based intelligent smart control solutions.

MJ Vision Tech, which was founded as a single-person company in May 2016, began developing intelligent video analysis technology based on deep learning. In 2018, it was incorporated as an affiliate of Pyung Hwa Holdings Co., Ltd., a mid-sized company, to use advanced deep learning technology to detect defects in auto parts and create new businesses through intelligent image analysis technology.Currently, it is developing various application solutions based on core technologies in the field of smart factories based on intelligent image control-based smart cities and machine vision.


AIBIS, an artificial intelligence-based intelligent smart control solution introduced at CES 2022, can help build social safety nets such as safety accidents and crime prevention by applying it to various industrial fields.

Its main feature is that it can detect more than 95% of objects using deep learning artificial intelligence technology.Vehicles (passenger cars, buses, trucks, taxis), pedestrians, and two-wheeled vehicle object detection, accessories (hats, glasses, etc.), and colors (red, yellow, green, blue, gray, black, white) can be differentiated and classified with the system.

In addition, it is possible to selectively control only CCTV images in which the selected object appears by analyzing the image in real-time. It can also perform priority application for each camera, object, and time and selection control (vehicle, pedestrian, two-wheeled vehicle, etc.) for each object. Another strong point is that during events such as intrusion, loitering, fighting, medical emergencies, dumping trash, or fire, control personnel are notified with video pop-up windows and an alarm.

AIBIS Image Analysis Control System │Photo – MJ Vision Tech

An official from MJ Vision Tech said, “AIBIS has been verified for its technology with the first-class certification of Good Software, an intelligent video analysis solution, and can reduce system construction costs because it is highly compatible and can use existing hardware and CCTVs.In addition, the smart control and screening control functions improved the concentration of control tasks such as integrated control centers and reduced fatigue.”

MJ Vision Tech used data from artificial intelligence learning that was established by the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Hye-sook Lim) and National Information Society Agency (President Yong-sik Moon) in its solution and that was opened through AI-Hub.

MJ Vision Tech is producing AI-based smart screening control solutions for local governments’ safety and crime prevention, in which accurately detecting situations such as medical emergencies and fire are some of the important factors in smart screening solutions.  An official explained that AI-Hub provides data on abnormal behavior and fire instances, thereby enhancing detection performance by utilizing them.

An official then said, “We participated in CES 2022 to secure a foothold for overseas expansion with the expansion of related markets such as disasters, safety, and security.By securing potential customers and target buyers in related industries and securing sales partners, we intend to derive differentiation strategies for each target market for the products we developed and establish a database for customized product development.”

Regarding future plans, “We have been verifying the reliability and durability of AIBIS through the operation of local governments in Korea for the past two years.In 2022, we aim to enterthe U.S, Latin American and Southeast Asian markets.In particular, we plan to enter major states through the City Innovation program in the United States,” theyadded.

AIBIS Path Tracking Function │Photo – MJ Vision Tech

Meanwhile, in addition to MJ Vision Tech, INFINIQ, AIFORPET, OUaRLaB, AIMMO, and Saltlux introduced solutions using data for artificial intelligence learning.

The Artificial Intelligence Learning Data Construction Project organized by Ministry of Science and ICT and promoted by the National Information Society Agency will be opened through AI-Hub until 2025. The project is becoming a driving force for the growth of small and medium-sized artificial intelligence companies, venture companies, and startups in South Korea by solving the difficulty of building high-cost and long-term data.191 types of artificial intelligence learning data opened on AI-Hub can be easily downloaded by anyone through the AI-Hub website.

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* Special Reporters: Ashley Kim, Joseph Choe, KidaiKIm, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Yeawon Choi, Wansu Kim, James Lee

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