MITI System to slove the skin trouble with ‘Micro-needle’

Have you heard about skin renewing at dermatology and ski- care shop?
Dermatologist and skin-care specialist spread cosmetics containing lots of Protein, and Vitamin on the customer’s face and then roll the micro needle roller for exceptional absorption of cosmetics into skin. Slim and dense needles make holes on the skin, and it helps absorption of cosmetics.

MITI System(representative Bu-jun Seoul, develops and manufactures ‘Micro-needle’ the essential part of micro roller.

“MITI System’s micro-needle is a medical instrument licensed as a medical product, but it’s also changing once again to be cut out for beauty instrument.” representative Bu-jun Seoul said. And he introduced New product ‘Beauty Cap’.
‘Beauty Cap’ can be used as varied types such as stamp, ring and others by attaching to assistant instrument , also it’s very portable with small size and it has nice feeling to touch. Above all, what user can use a Micro needle product without other’s help, will be the best part.

(Photo: ‘Beauty Cap’ can be attached to assistance devices like Ring type, Stamp type, Cap Type)

‘Well rounded product’ micro needle to improve scar

(Photo: Micro-needle is highly efficient in scounch, burned scars, chapped skin, wrinkle)

In particular, ‘Beauty Cap’ is good for trouble parts like age spot, blemish and others. If just tap the Beauty Cap, after spreading cosmetics on the face, it pierces horny layer to promote absorption of cosmetics. Also, user doesn’t have to feel and stand pain, because it’s literally Micro-needle. If user get micro wound, natural physical treatment mechanism is operated like rearrangement of collagen, etc. This is a core principle of Micro-needle.

Above this, Micro- needle can be used as delivery system of things like vaccine, hormone, insulin, protein treatment product. If people takes a medicine through the digestive organs, ingredient of medicine can be degraded or changed by catabolism of liver, but this problem can be prevented with Micro-needle. Needle breaks just into outer layer which doesn’t have nerve, so people can’t feel pain, and drug concentration in blood plasma can be maintained very properly by control the dosage of medicine for a long days.

And portable medical diagnosis and treatment system can be organized by combining micro- needle with bio chip a micro analysis system, if consider, blood gathering is available with micro-needle.

For example, diabetic patients should endure pain of blood gathering needle, whenever they need to measure blood glucose with glucometer, but Micro-needle can collect infinitesimal blood without pain, so diabetic patients can measure their blood glucose.

The fancy change of Micro-needle ‘Skin-related troubleshooter’

(Photo: MITI System Bu-jun Seoul)

Chabio & Diostech ( released Vitamin C brightening ample product before, at that time Beauty Cap of MITI System was released with it as a kind of component. Like these, Beauty Cap combined with cosmetics will draw lots of attention from many middle age women who find functional cosmetics but doesn’t have enough relax to go Skin Clinic which need lots of money and time.

“Vitamin and protein contained in water solubility and whitening cosmetics are absorbed to skin very rarely” and “Beauty Cap’s micro sterilized needle can help absorption of cosmetics by making micro channel ring”  representative Seoul said.


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