[MIK Startup] Eco&Rich developed implant ceramic crown upper prosthesis by utilizing 3D printing and casting technology

Eco&Rich (CEO Jeon Jin-hoon) has developed an implant ceramic crown upper prosthesis.

The company staff said, “The dental laboratory Eco&Rich has proven research and technological prowess to publish a paper in the world’s top journals, in Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry and Journal of Prosthodontic Research. Our implant ceramic crown upper prosthesis (substructure + superstructure) guarantees outstanding precision, biocompatibility, and safety.”

He then said, “We solved the problem of cracking or breaking of the existing implant ceramic crown upper prosthesis by using 3D printing and casting technology. Since there is no need to make it again, it is time and cost-efficient, and provides efficiency to the customers. We are manufacturing dental prostheses customized to the international standards at reasonable prices.”

When asked about future plans, he said, “Eco&Rich has signed seven MOUs and plans to continue to grow in the dental industry through recruitment of young manpower. We will try our best to be a company that researches and develops to ensure patients’ oral health and happy life by providing a reliable upper implant prosthesis.”