[MIK HOT SPOT_KHIDI] Edenlux presents vision improving device and app with vision management program!

Park Seong-yong, the CEO of Edenlux, had an accident while working as a doctor and his eyesight deteriorated severely. But, he heard that there was no solution. So, he found the vision therapy technology on his own and decided to start a business. He now has a vision improving solution that is totally different from other products, and it even connects to Bluetooth.

Company Introduction

Hi, this is Park Seong-yong, the CEO of Edenlux. I worked as a military surgeon seven years ago in Busan, and I have received injection treatment to relax the muscle. I had a LASIK surgery when I was 20 years old, so my eyesight was very good, but on the day I received injection treatment, my eyesight dropped to 0.1. I was diagnosed in the hospital that the muscles in my eyes were paralyzed due to the muscle relaxing injection.

The hospital couldn’t treat me, and I thought it would get better if time passes, but it didn’t. So, I did research by looking at the research papers in the US and Europe to find the solution myself, and found that there was a technology called vision therapy.

I imported the devices from the US and treated myself, and found that it was effective. I got my eyesight back from it, so I decided to start a business on this. There were some weaknesses in the technology, so I upgraded them. I want to let the people in Korea know about this technology.

About Our Product

First of all, this product is not just a massage. In our eyes, there are lenses, which is the most important structure of the eyes. This lens is actually surrounded by muscles, so it focuses by contraction and relaxation of the muscles. The muscles in the eyes gradually lose strength as they age like other muscles in our bodies. Our technology uses a special optical technology to repeatedly contract and relax the muscles in the eye to strengthen the muscles again, and ultimately make the eyes focus well.

The eye-massaging products we see out in the market that come out in the form of massaging the muscles outside the eye, so it has no effect of improving the eyesight. While they can help the users alleviate fatigue temporarily and give warming or cooling effects, they have no relation to the actual vision improvement. Our product directly targets and stimulates the muscles involved in controlling the lens in the eye, providing the numbers that show the actual improvement of vision by clinical studies. This stands out from other products.

The products of these wearable devices are currently growing in the name of healthcare, but one major drawback is that the users are not yet familiar with them. So we focused on improving usability, and we provide the app that connects to the hardware by Bluetooth. We provide various contents through this application. Customers can train and manage their eyesights at home, waiving the need to visit the hospital or optician directly.

Future Plans

Our business model is related to the eyes, so we cannot limit to the Korean market. Until this year, we will focus on the domestic market as much as possible and provide as much help to improving the vision of the Korean people. Next year, we will begin preparing to advance to overseas. The first country we will enter will be China. As one-third of the world’s population with myopia is living in China, we determined that it is crucial to enter the Chinese market despite the difficulty in entering if we want to achieve the goal of improving the vision of the people in the world.

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