[MIK 2019 Season 1 Video] Better Life introduces IoT-based radon-reduced system

Better Life introduced its IoT-based radon-reduced system Radomon in the 11th MIK (Made in Korea) 2019 Conference & Networking Season I held at Grand Ballroom, EL Tower in Yangjae-dong on July 18.

This product linked the system that automatically reduces and controls radon depending on the indoor radon value measured real-time and ventilation-style radon reducer. It also monitors real-time the cause of indoor air pollution to help make a healthy indoor environment.

Better Life received the support from Seoul/Gyeonggi/Incheon Organizer Association for K-Startup Package Support Business to attend the 11th MIK (Made in Korea) 2019 Conference & Networking Season I.

The 11th MIK 2019 Season 1 was hosted by “AVING NEWS”, the media partner of 100 exhibitions a year including MWC and IFA and active in building global news network with major news companies in 54 countries. This time, Ubergizmo (USA), Geekazine (USA), YESKY (China), Lecafedegeek (France), Monsieur GRrr (France), Vietnamplus (Vietnam), IT Donga, Smart PC Love, Early Adopter and Venture Square have participated as the global media partners.

This on/offline advertised event is an exhibition convention for promising start-ups and SMEs in Korea, hosting consultation from major crowdfunding companies. Also, promotion through startup investment companies, global media, 1-person media added passion to the event, drawing positive reactions from the participants.

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(Video: MIK 2019 Conference&Networking Season 1 video sketch)