[MIK 2017] Sewon Material Presents Two Healthy and Safe Alkaline Toothpaste Lesain


Sewon Material participated in “MIK 2017 Conference & Networking Party” at Yangjae The K Hotel on November 29th, Wednesday and presented two healthy and safe alkaline toothpaste, Lesain.

Sewon Material was selected as a project to support I-PLEX in Gwangju, and participated in the MIK conference. Its product, Lesain toothpaste is a natural toothpaste without 10 synthetic chemicals including CMIT/MIT which were recently issued of humidifier disinfectant ingredient, SLS/SLES, Triclosan which is used as a fungicide to cause liver cancer and hypothyroidism, and Parabens used as preservatives. It is a safe toothpaste that does not have dry mouth or toughness after brushing teeth.

Fresh lemon flavor of Lesain toothpaste has refreshing lemon scent. Instead of using polishing method, Lesain toothpaste uses heavy metal adsorption method so there is no tooth and gum damage, and it has excellent efficacy in removing bad breath. Mild mint flavor has sweet apple mint scent and it contains hydroxyapatite, which constitutes 97% of the enamel layer of the tooth. It fills the fine defect area of the enamel layer, so that discoloration and toothache which are caused by drinking, smoking and so on can be relieved. Currently, as a crowdfunding launching event, Lesain toothpaste is offering gifts when participating in crowdfunding. Also, if you leave a photo review on the website, you will receive a gift certificate (department store/ restaurant gift certificate) by a lottery.

Meanwhile, MIK is a combination of online convention and off-line press conference, which invited 50 Vietnamese C to C buyers who have a great influence on the purchase. In this event, Top Start Up was selected as media awards, followed by global media’s press pitching and crowd funding consultation and finished with a business networking party.


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