[MIK 2017] Melephant Unveiled Seeso, a Fandom-Based Video Platform


Melephant Co., Ltd. participated in ‘MIK 2017 Conference & Networking Party’ held at Yangjae DK Hotel on November 29, 2009 and presented Seeso, a fandom-based video platform.

Seeso, the service of Melephant Co., Ltd., is a fandom-based video platform that connects fans and musicians who want to be a star. It is a service that provides a fandom to newcomers and underground musicians dreaming of a star and gives them the chance to grow with sponsorship. Fans can present items to their favorite musicians or send donations (star candy), which allows musicians to grow as artists by releasing albums or playing performances. In addition, labels and industry representatives can use is as a platform for finding new musicians.

Seeso will provide a data analysis service based on the fandom data to inform the musicians’ fandom and ticket power. Currently more than 500 musicians have been registered and about 100 big and small performances and collaborations have been made. They also released an English version to grow into a global fandom platform.

Seeso is featured in the applied machine learning based recommendation algorithm (Proximity Engine) which increases user immersion feeling by recommending appropriate musicians and contents suitable for each user. In addition, fans can present and sponsor star candies (in-app items) to prospective stars that they want to excavate and foster. In addition, it analyzes the fandom data (social channel, domestic fan cafe data, and Seeso fan data) to provide artists’ fandom size and ticket power data.

Meanwhile, the MIK event invited 50 Vietnamese C to C buyers, who are buyers and have a great influence on the purchase of consumers and made a great success as a combination of online conventions and off-line press conferences..

This event began with global media press pitching and cloud funding consulting, followed by Media Award TOP START UP selection and finalized with a business networking party.

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