Memory Card Reader to Need ‘Security’

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Needs for rapid and stable card reader following increase of external memory such as DSLR camera, Smartphone and Tablet PC etc.
Innovation TIMU to release card reader loading basically ‘Photo Recovery’, a security solution

Innovation TIMU (Representative Lee Gwang-Jae, is importing exclusively the high-performance memory brand ‘Corsair’, G.Skill and Geil in Korea and at the same time introducing card readers of its own brand Innovation TIMU continuously.

(Photo: ‘TIMU Max ‘ card reader of Innovation TIMU)

TIMU M.A.X, the latest card reader of Innovation TIMU, has the file recovery function unlike existing reader and supports almost existing memory card standards. In particular, it’s possible to use it without a separate conversion adapter because it supports SDXC, a new card standard and Micro SD card increased needs for this as a external memory for smartphone.

‘Photo Recovery’ is the recovery solution which is the hottest issue of TIMU M.A.X card reader. Photo Recovery is the program which recovers unexpected deleted data by user’s mistake and it’s expected to be helpful for DSLR Users. The colors are Black/Red/White.

Innovation TIMU official said “TIMU card reader is rapid due to built-in of IT1366 chipset no cheap chipset. Recovery solution is what users want most and we’re going to release card readers having various functions.”