MediOncell to showcase skin rejuvenating ‘Deoncell Extra Boosting Cream’ at ‘2021 I-STARTUP’

Photo – MediOncell

Medioncell (CEO Min-young Lee) will participate in the 2021 I-STARTUP (Incheon Startup Venture Hanmadang) at the Korea Polytechnics 2 University booth, which will be broadcast live online on November 25th.

MediOncell is an abbreviation for “Medical on cell,” and was created to restore healthy beauty starting from the cell. With the belief that healthy skin completes beauty itself and patented technology, the product is packed with healthy ingredients for the skin. Through high demand, high-functional raw materials, dermatologists and medical institutions are researching, developing, and producing products that can be used after procedures and treatments, and holds partnerships with more than 1,000 dermatologists and medical institutions nationwide.

Photo – MediOncell

The product presented at the 2021 I-STARTUP is a facial cream that helps strengthen sensitive and fatigued skin barriers and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. The cream includes human fat substrate cell culture fluid, DNA extracted from salmon seminal glands, and 6 types of peptides. It protects damaged areas from the external environment and the high-content active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin to provide nutrition.

Human fat substrate cell culture liquid, a major ingredient, is a substance extracted during the cultivation process of stem cells and contains 7% of key ingredients in regenerative medicine and cosmeceutical fields containing various growth factors and peptides. In addition, it is currently used in dermatology and medical institutions as a function of improving wrinkles and brightening.

An official from MediOncell said, “We are currently developing shampoo and tonic that can help hair loss, and we are researching and developing medical devices that can help eczema, burns, and damaged skin barriers.” And also stated “We plan to continue to research and challenge products that help all patients suffering from various skin diseases to improve their lives and overcome diseases by expanding cooperative relations with medical institutions.”

Meanwhile, 2021 I-STARTUP (Incheon Startup Venture HANMADANG)) hosted by Incheon Metropolitan City and Incheon Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration is the It is a startup event for creation. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, it will be held as an all-online event, and an online exhibition hall will be operated on the official website from November 15 (Mon) to December 31 (Fri). The online live broadcast will be held on YouTube Live on Thursday, November 25. Participating organizations are as follows. △Incheon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation △Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute △Incheon Youth Entrepreneurship Academy △Incheon Venture Business Association △Incheon Techno park △Incheon National University △Inha University △Korea Polytechnics

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