MAY, showcases Phase Modulation LCOS SLM Panel with 4K UHD resolution at ITS 2021.

MAY Co., Ltd. (CEO Jun-gyu Kang) participated in the 22nd Innovative Technology Show 2021 held at SETEC (Seoul Trade Exhibition Hall) from October 26th to 28th and introduced the Hologram Kit using its own holographic panel.

MAY is a micro-display LCOS panel manufacturer and is the only manufacturing line in Korea that has their own processing line. MAY’s lineup of panels is, two 1080P FHD panels and two 4K UHD panels.

Its LCOS panels can be applied to various display products. Beam projectors, VR headsets, hologram kits, etc. are also being developed and sold.

MAY’s product that was introduced at the K-innovation company showcase is a hologram kit using its own holographic panel. This is the result of developing a phase modulation LCOS SLM panel with 4K UHD resolution by recognizing the importance of holography technology, a next-generation display, and conducting research and development for years.

The hologram kit uses the LCOS SLM panel to output a Computer-Generated Hologram (CGH) image to the panel through a software program and reproduces the hologram image by interference and diffraction of reflected light in light of the laser.

Existing products support monochromatic images with one panel, while their SLM panels support full-color images with one panel. There is no need for a separate optical table, and it is manufactured in a small size to facilitate movement. It does not require additional installation, providing convenience that can be used by connecting to a computer anywhere.

High-resolution LCOS SLM panels applied to hologram kits are manufactured through their own LCOS panel manufacturing lines. Since manufacturing costs can be lowered compared to competitors, it can be supplied to educational institutions or research institutes at reasonable prices, contributing to the growth of the domestic hologram market.

Meanwhile, the main exhibition composition of ITS 2021 hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups is as follows. △Smart Factory Solution Hall △Smart Manufacturing Innovation Hall △Smart Digital New Industry Hall △Smart Green New Industry Hall △Smart Service Innovation Hall.

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