Marking its 20th Anniversary, “PREVIEW IN DAEGU 2022”, Opens at Daegu EXCO… 209 Domestic and Foreign Textile Companies to Participate

The opening ceremony of ‘PREVIEW IN DAEGU 2022’ held at the West Hall at Daegu EXCO in the 2nd | Photo – AVING NEWS

Hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and organized by the Daegu Gyongbuk Textile Industries Association (Chairman Jung-moon Cho), the 2023 S/S International Textile Fair ‘PREVIEW IN DAEGU 2022′(PID) was held at the West Hall at Daegu EXCO on the 2nd.

PID will be held from the 2nd to the 4th under the exhibition slogan “Great Transformation of the Textile Industry for Sustainable Growth,” with 209 domestic and foreign textile companies (483 booths) participating..

PID, which started in 2002 and marks its 20th anniversary this year, is the largest textile material business exhibition in Korea that has contributed to expanding exports of the textile fashion industry and revitalizing domestic transactions. The exhibition, which will be held ahead of the full-fledged “Endemic COVID” era, plans to operate as an on·offline hybrid to boost the phased recovery of offline businesses that have been shrinking. Particularly, the PID ONLINE SOURCING has been pre-opened since February 21st and has been presenting about 2,800 new materials to domestic and foreign buyers.

This year’s PID will set “NEW Worldview” as the trend theme and showcase various new materials and products aimed at the 2023 S/S season. It seeks the value and direction of the textile fashion industry in the face of climate disaster, resource depletion, and the pandemic crisis. It also covers new high-tech materials and eco-friendly and carbon-neutral materials based on awareness of the environment and sustainable development which is completely different from previous exhibitions.

Daegu Mayor Young-jin Kwon (5th from the left) and Gyeongsangbuk-do Governor Chul-woo Lee (6th from the left) who attended the opening ceremony of “PREVIEW IN DAEGU 2022” held at the West Hall of Daegu EXCO on the 2nd are touring the exhibition hall | Photo – AVING NEWS

Companies related to threads, fabrics, and finished products such as HYOSUNG TNC, CORESHTECH, KEONBAEK, and IGS.F will jointly introduce recycled polyester, nylon, and spandex, biodegradable PLA (polylactic acid), carbon, and graphene materials, and propose various fusion and combinations.

In particular, Korea Textile Machinery Association and Korea Textile Machinery Convergence Research Institute will showcase various manufacturing-based textile machines such as automation of textile facilities and clean factories, as well as Wooyang Advanced Material’s flame-resistant materials and KSNT’s safety protective clothing.

In addition, Gyongbuk Technopark’s health and safety fibers, Carbon-neutral Biodegradable Fiber Material Industry Association’s biodegradable products, ECOSTAR Eco-Friendly ESG Joint Hall, the Korea Environmental Industry Association’s upcycling products, and natural dyeing will show the changes in the textile industry in terms of carbon neutrality. Plus, the Korea Textile Development Institute will promote various new fusion material development products for defense, carbon, and super, while DYETEC is to introduce the latest products and technologies related to carbon-neutral new materials and dyeing methods.

PID, which opened its contact-free online exhibition in advance as an integrated on·offline exhibition, strengthened online marketing and confirmed buyers’ high interest even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fashion conglomerates such as Samsung C&T, Shinsegae International, LF, HANDSOME, FASHION GROUP HYUNGJI, YOUNGONE TRADING, KOLON FnC, and SEJUNG, global vendors such as SAE-A, HANSOLL TEXTILE, PAN-PACIFIC, and major brands such as BLACKYAK, NEPA, Andar, and FILA Korea have completed pre-registration for sustainable textile material sourcing in response to global E.S.G management trends.

Daegu Mayor Young-jin Kwon giving a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony of “PREVIEW IN DAEGU 2022” held at the West Hall of Daegu EXCO on the 2nd | Photo – AVING NEWS

Daegu Mayor Young-jin Kwon who attended the exhibition, said, “I hope the PID exhibition will pave the way for a major transformation of the local textile industry for continuous growth, foster environmental friendliness, and create an automation-based industrial ecosystem in the future.”

The flagship products of participating companies will be introduced in English and Korean by broadcaster Alex Sigrist on ‘PID 2022 LIVE’. Even after the exhibition, video content produced by each participating company will be posted on the PID’s official YouTube channel and the participating companies will be able to utilize it.

This livestream will run for two days from March 2nd to 3rd and will be broadcast from 11:00 to 16:00.

The PID 2022 LIVE pre-registration event will also be held. Prizes such as the Xiaomi Band 5 (1 person), Gravity Support Chair (1 person), and Starbucks Americano coupons (10 people) will be given to the selected winners.

Meanwhile, the Daegu International Textile Fair PID 2022, which marks its 20th anniversary this year, aims for the future value of sustainable textiles and the new normal era and presents the latest items of all textiles and fashion streams such as yarn, textiles, functional & eco-friendly materials, DTP, subsidiary materials, bedding, fashion, and textile machinery. In addition, it provides a variety of on-offline business platforms, including new materials & eco-friendly special halls, and video counseling through online marketing platforms, as well as various attractions of textile culture contents.

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