MADEX 2021 to be held at BEXCO Busan for four days from June 9… 110 companies from seven countries to participate

– Exhibiting the latest warships, submarines, and aircraft with cutting-edge technology in 400 booths

– Light Aircraft Carrier Exhibition Hall and naval startup competition and seminar on ship technology and weapon system

– Live broadcast on June 9

The Republic of Korea Navy, Busan Metropolitan City, and KITA will hold the International Maritime Defense Industry Exhibition (hereinafter MADEX 2021) on June 9-12 at Busan BEXCO 1 to show the present and future of the naval defense industry.

In its 12th run this year, 110 companies from seven countries will participate to exhibit the latest warships, submarines, and aircrafts with advanced technologies such as new materials and electronic control that will lead Industry 4.0 in 400 booths Korea.

Until 2019, it was held in October, but for smooth consultation among the exhibitors and buyers and also considering the invitation of the overseas navy delegations and related events, the dates have been moved to June.

During the exhibition, a large number of key military personnel, including 70 overseas naval commanders from 27 countries, as well as military officers stationed in Korea, will be attending the show, and it is expected to stimulate military diplomatic cooperation and provide practical business consultations on products to be exported to Southeast Asia and Latin America.

In this exhibition, the Navy will be showcasing in Light Aircraft Carrier Exhibition Hall, History/Vision Hall to show the history and future of the Navy and Marine Corps, VR Experience Hall where visitors can experience the international warship ceremony and amphibious assault vehicle, and Big Model Hall exhibiting holograms and models of AEGIS ships, turtle ships, and large transport ships. There will be various programs like the Business Startup Contest (June 10) and Warship Technology/Weapon System Seminar (June 10-11) during the show. Also, during the event period, a military band performance and honor guard demonstration will be held every day at 11:30 am, and on June 11, a national military concert will be held at the BEXCO Auditorium.

During the exhibition period, KITA will run the Defense Technology Innovation Ideas Startup Hall to display innovative products from 10 promising Korean startups in the maritime and defense sector, business networking with startup participants and naval officials, and awards ceremony for outstanding startups.

If pre-registered by June 8 on the official website, visitors can attend for free. However, on-the-spot registration will cost 10,000 won. On the last day of the event (June 12), visitors can attend the event for free after registration.

In MADEX 2021 LIVE, broadcaster Lee Do-yoon will introduce the main products of participating companies in Korean language. After the exhibition, the edited video content will be produced for each exhibitor and posted on the exhibition’s official YouTube channel, helping exhibitors to utilize it.

This live broadcasting will air on June 9 (Wed), 10:30 am to 5 pm.

Also, pre-registered viewers of MADEX 2021 Life will have the chance to participate in the live broadcast event. Various prizes such as Lon. G Cosmetic Set (2 persons), Samsung Electronics JBL TUNE 115 (2 persons), and Starbucks Americano Gifticon (20 persons) will be given out for the participants. For more information, please visit the AVING News website.

The Navy and Busan Metropolitan City will practice complete quarantine measures by measuring body temperature at the entrance of the exhibition hall, placing medical personnel in the exhibition hall, and securing temporary quarantine facilities to prevent the spread of COVID.

In its 12th run this year, the International Maritime Defense Industry Exhibition will display the latest warships, submarines, and aircrafts with advanced technologies such as new materials and electronic control that will lead Industry 4.0 from 110 companies from seven countries in 400 booths scale.

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