[Made In Korea] Vantech D&C’s Versatile Camping Car Raccoon Pop S


Vantech D&C is a camping car company with a long history and tradition in camping. It is the first company in Korea to obtain the approval of camping cars.

Vantech D&C’s camping cars are made under a thorough quality management system and it has an exclusive camping car manufacturing line to meet the highest standards.

Its new camping car “Raccoon POP S” is a 5-person van that is versatile. It has an electrical system installed inside the car, which makes it possible to enjoy as a camping car.

Other camping cars are often not fit for the lifestyle of Korean people, and the tight parking spaces in Korea makes it impossible to park. Also, the camping cars that are foreign-made are too big for just a weekend getaway, which most Korean people enjoy. This is the reason Vantech D&C came up with a camping car that is small enough to fit into parking spaces and have versatile usage.

Yoon Sung-hyun, the CEO of Vantech D&C, is also the president of Korea Recreation Vehicle Industry Association(KRVIA).

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