[Made In Korea] SNP going to Indonesia and Middle East Market with H2O Aqua Solution 4-step Mask

SD Biotechnologies(Ceo Park Seol-woong, www.snpcos.net) participated in ‘2016 International Online Convention, or IOC,’ promoting H2O Aqua Solution 4-Step Mask.

SD Biotechnologies/SNP is a ‘cosu-medical’ brand providing customized functional cosmetics, and its hallmark product, SNP H2O Aqua Solution 4-Step Mask, is a skin solution product only with a piece.


It is an all-in-one mask containing eye and neck cream that strengthens the wrinkles of the eyes and neck and boosts the elasticity of the eyes and boils.

Hyaluronic acid and green tea, bamboo water and aloe vera water bring moisture to the skin and soothing effect, and the active ingredient is transferred deep into the skin by using high adhesion cellulose fabric.

Currently, SNP masks are popular in China and hope to export to Indonesia and Middle East markets in the future. To this end, SD Biotechnologies is looking for local expert vendors.

Meanwhile, Convention Industry No.1 Media AVING NEWS held ‘International Online Convention, or I.O.C’ together with famous Chinese media YESKY to inform Korean market of excellent products of Korea. It is featured on the YESKY special page and promotes its products throughout the year through YouTube and the I.O.C platform Made in Korea TV.

Meanwhile, no.1 convention industry media  AVING NEWS opened International Online Convention with famous Chinese Media Yesky to promote Korean promising companies and their products to Chinese market. The companies will be introduced to YESKY’s special page and promoted on Youtub, I.O.C  platfor ‘Made In Korea TV’.

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