[Made In Korea] Entertainment and Education, Smart Study’s PinkFong: Looking For Book Distributors and Kindergarten Franchise Company

Smart Study (CEO Kim Min-Suk, www.smartstudy.co.kr) participated in the MIK 1111 Single’s Day 2016 International Online Convention (IOC), introducing PINKFONG, where children can learn while singing.

Smart Study is a global content company that produces, distributes and services on-line and off-line contents such as educational games for children, games, and animation. The representative brand ‘PinkFong’ is a children’s education brand that delivers educational effects to children with fun based on various video contents such as self-produced sway and fairy tales.

While the existing infant content is childish and too simple, PinkFong boasts high quality to satisfy and be enjoyed together by the child and the adult. Originally, there were children’s songs for education and entertainment separately, but PINKFONG’s children’s song is a combination of education and pleasure. If someone enjoys having fun with entertaining contents, education will naturally follow.

Smart Study is preparing to advance to Southeast Asia mainly in Singapore and Malaysia. It is currently looking for a book distributor and kindergarten franchise company to cooperate in that country. The US and Chinese markets are expanding their businesses through their regional offices. It plans to supply content to TenCent Video in China and IPTV in each region in the future.

Meanwhile, AVING NEWS, the number 1 convention industry, held ‘International Online Convention (IOC)’ together with YESKY, a famous media in China, to promote Korea’s excellent products to the Chinese market. It is advertised on the YESKY special page and promotes its products year-round through Youtube and I.O.C platform, Made In Korea TV.

Meanwhile, no.1 convention industry media AVING NEWS opened International Online Convention with famous Chinese Media Yesky to promote Korean promising companies and their products to Chinese market. The companies will be introduced to YESKY’s special page and promoted on Youtube, I.O.C  platform ‘Made In Korea TV’.

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