LUCID LINE Reveals Coating Products for Automobile Exterior and Interior at the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition


LUCID LINE (CEO Sung-woo Choi) participated in the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition.

The main item of LUCID LINE is a coated chemical product for exterior and interior of automobiles. It sells products online and offline in Korea and intends to expand its market overseas. Rather than just a one-dimensional company that sells products, it aims to create trends and values that can be sympathized with and further create a new culture, and to be filled with clear and clear solutions.

It aims to target customers whose arms hurt and struggled due to vehicle buffing, women and senior citizens who want to easily manage their vehicles, customers who want to quickly and reliably coat their vehicles during hot summers and cold winters, busy modern people who don’t want to invest a long time in DIY work and furthermore, it aims to find customers who can create their own brands and sell them locally with dealer customers or product solutions that can import and resell LUCID LINE products in their own country.

LUCID LINE’s ‘KLEANT GLASS COAT’ is a product that allows busy modern people to manage the appearance of their cars more conveniently and effectively. It is a simple process that is completed by washing, spraying, and rinsing with water and everyone of all ages can obtain vehicle gloss and water repellent effects by nano-coating. In addition, it can also be used as a polishing agent for custom wrapped vehicles and or cars treated with PPF.

The ‘KLEANT GLASS COAT’, which targets users of all ages, has the advantage of being able to fully coat the car in three to five minutes. All you have to do is clean the vehicle, spray the product wide and evenly while there is moisture left, and rinse it with water to finish. It protects the body from rust, oil corrosion, bird fall, and acid rain, and has a total of five functions: gloss, antifouling, hydrophobic, water repellent and waterproof.


The ‘KLEANT INTERIOR COAT’ product allows the leather inside the vehicle to be maintained in the best condition. Recently, colorful, and vibrant car seats have been sold, but it is easy to neglect seat management. Seats that are difficult to manage, such as leather contamination, discoloration, and scratches, can be maintained in the best condition in an easy use method. It can also be used for leather products such as home sofas, furniture, and bags.

‘KLEANT EASY WIPE’ is an eco-friendly leather cleaner and is a PH neutral product without leather damage. All you have to do is spray and wipe, and eco-friendly nonionic surfactants are the main ingredients. It can be used not only for vehicle seats, but also for in-vehicle dashboards, urethane, plastic surfaces, and sofas, furniture, and other indoor cleaning.

The “KLEANT INTERIOR COAT/EASY WIPE,” which prevents contamination of leather and maintains the same state for a long time, has the advantage of being able to easily coat and clean leather with easy use.

An official from LUCID LINE said, “The goal is to increase consumer satisfaction by finding and improving inconveniences in daily life and practicing ideas created with imagination.” Under the motto of “Good companies are strong companies,” we will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities with the interests of society as a whole in mind and create shared values that consider the interests of various officials surrounding the company, they said.

They then expressed their ambition, saying, “We want to develop into constant brainstorming and communication to realize only 1% of the difference and differentiate our perceptions.”

Meanwhile, the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition, an online exhibition in the field of chemistry, opened in March and is always in operation, and currently has 270 chemical-related companies. It supports overseas marketing of domestic companies in a contact-free manner and boasts the largest scale in Korea where you can see various product information of industrial chemicals (paint, adhesive, surfactant, MDI, Polybutene, polyol, catalyst, foaming agent, additives, pipes, living plastics, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sunblock, lotion, shampoo, face masks, etc.).

The chemical industry is closely linked to major industries such as electronics and automobiles and is especially at the center of the global issue of carbon neutrality. In line with this, the Korea Precision Chemical Industry Promotion Association (KSCIA), the organizer, is helping domestic chemical companies advance overseas through various support such as export, research and analysis, technical standards, HDR support, and international agreements. Based on companies entering online permanent exhibition halls in the chemical sector, it has accumulated more than $136 million in 2021 as of the third quarter and is holding online export consultations with KOTRA in addition to entering the online permanent exhibition hall.

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