LOOPWING KOREA first takes part in the Renewable Energy Korea 2010

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘Renewable Energy Korea 2010’) — <Visual News> As a professional enterprise of the horizontal axis small wind power generator which developed in the shape of the loop type blade, LOOPWING KOREA (CEO Je Hyeon Lee, www.loopwing.co.kr) first takes part in the Renewable Energy Korea 2010.

Under the climate of weak wind and severe change such as Korea, there are technical and locational limitations to apply large wind turbine. According to climate map by the data of the Meteorological, the suitable places for large wind turbine are only some places of Jeju island and Mt. Baekdu. And it has been reported that the places-Jeju island, Southwest coast, seaside are suitable for small and middle wind turbine. However, for the commercialization of small wind generation system, there are limits because of the elementary level at the noise, safety, affordability, practicality, durability.

Through this exhibition, we wish to introduce the superiority of our loop blade shape small wind power system which prepare noiseless, efficiency, safety, durability.

Through a business tie-up with LOOPWING JAPAN INC. (CEO Yoshida Minoru, www.loopwing.co.jp)-a company which specializes in blade development, LOOPWING KOREA INC. is fully in charge of both manufacturing and sales in korea about production of environmental-friendly alternative energy which used wind power based on the breakthrough technology. LOOPWING JAPAN INC. has won many prizes like a grand prize of venture technical in tokyo and they were also selected as a pioneer in a new project field. Also, they have successful construction figures cross the country.

The items that our company is going to introduce at Renewable Energy Korea 2010 are loopwing type small wind power generators. A loopwing type wind power generator has loop shaped wing structure which is the key of wind power generator, therefore it`s possible to move for itself in low wind speed, 2m/s. And this product has distinctive feature of low noise, safety, high efficiency, durability and environment-friendly design. Each products will be explained about strengths and performance with detailed data.

Loopwing type wind power generator divided into two models. The first one is a streetlight called TRONC, combined style generator of wind and sunlight power. TRONC is the complex with small windmill and the sunlight panel affixed and it is equipped with the loop wing style blade of diameter 1.5m. It`s not necessary to power supply from external for generator started. It is operated as a street light all the year while supplying power to external devices like LED display system in case of necessary, and it can be used as emergency power supplier.

The second items are μ series which are small & medium sized wind power generators to generate electrical power. μ series have three types of products as generator capacity including μ2850(2kw), μ4800(5kw), and μ6670(11kw), which will be introduced to this exhibition. It`s almost unlimited to install with low noise and high efficiency therefore it`s right to generate electrical power for itself to the place where a green-house, river side of village and high-rise building of city. μseries is mainly designed as 20 years life for area with great deal of salt and dust, and is operational in cold climate condition under -20°c.