Logitech, laser mouse for gamers

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Logitech Korea (www.logitech.com) has announced that it plans to release its new models ‘logitech G5 laser mouse’ and ‘logitech G7 laser wireless mouse’ that support 2000 dpi laser tracking and full speed USB.

Logitech G5 laser mouse has a special function that can control the weight and balance according to a user’s preference. There is a little box inside the mouse where you can put together or remove the weight according to your need. There are total 8 weights; 4 weights weigh 1.7 g whereas the other 4 weigh 4.5 g each.

Logitech G7 laser wireless mouse is quite light and comes up with an extra battery. It employs Logitech 2.4GHz wireless technology that offers cross protection functionality.

By employing full speed USB, it increased the speed of data transmission per second and 6.4 mega pixels per second in terms of image processing. Unlike conventional mouse, this model has an improved game mode function that doesn’t change into low power mode until 1 minute passes.

Both of two models feature a powerful tracking system that can control the resolution from 400dpi up to 2000dpi and full speed USB.