Logitech, keyboard for pc gamers ‘G15’

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Logitech has announced that it plans to release its new keyboard for gamers ‘Logitech G15’.

Logitech G15 keyboard features supplementary LCD, 18 program setting keys, and software that helps to make custom command setting easily in all games.

Supplementary LCD shows important information of the game like score, time, energy, and resources. You can also set whether it displays information of other applications like email, velocity of CPU, or media player at will.

You can fold LCD when it’s not in use to protect the screen. Installation CD contains ‘Software Development Kit’ and a special program function that can show customized information on the LCD screen.

The left side of the keyboard has 18 program setting keys and three mode keys (M1, M2, M3). 18 program setting keys can be adjusted properly to each mode.

Backlight function flashes a light to each key button which offers optimal environment for games even in a dark place.