Logic Plant to introduce its hybrid type browser ‘uZard Web’

BARCELONA, Spain (AVING Special Report on ‘MWC 2010’) — <Visual News> Logic Plant(www.logicplant.com), a specialized producer of mobile web browsers, will introduce to major mobile telecom carriers and handset producers worldwide its expanded product lineup of its full browsing software ‘uZard Web’ at Mobile World Congress 2010, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, during February 15-18.

Through the lineup expansion, the ‘uZard Web’ came to possess all of the mobile web browsers, ranging from the thin client type mobile web browser, ‘uZard Web P,’ which had been already commercialized, to standalone type web browser, ‘uZard Web S’, and to uZard Web H,’ which intelligently combines ‘uZard Web P’ and ‘uZard Web S.’ The expansion of ‘uZard Web’ product lineup is significant in that the new lineup can meet the needs of both mobile carriers, mobile phone producers and their users in the aspect of enhancement of their products and of user experience (UX).

uZard Web P services have been commercially available through Korea’s leading mobile carriers, including SK Telecom and KT, for several years already. The service has played a key role in reducing mobile carriers’ network load since it entails small data transmission volumes, while enhancing the performance of mobile terminals by banking on its high browsing speeds and server power. With the addition of the product lineup, the stand alone type web browser, ‘uZard Web S,’ came to support major web standards, including Web 2.0, based on the WebKit engine, a web page rendering engine that had been validated in the market, thus allowing the user to experience its full capacity and value especially in the Windows Mobile OS environment.

Additionally, the ‘uZard Web H,’ which will debut this time, is Logic Plant’s ambitious product. The ‘uZard Web H’ is an intelligent hybrid browser that offers services by analyzing user behaviors and websites, which integrates the uZard Web P’ and the ‘uZard Web S.’ By operating web browsers optimized for terminals, networks and users, the system provides the best user experience possible.

(Picture: Product lineup of the ‘uZard Web’ – uZard Web P, uZard Web S, and uZard Web H are being demonstrated)

In the wake of the expansion of its product lineup, the uZard Web, which is optimized for major operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and Blackberry, and Middleware Platform, including Java and Brew, will more effectively cater to the needs of the market, which will render it easier to enter the market vertically and horizontally. Through the MWC 2010 exhibition, Logic Plant plans to step up its efforts to advance into overseas mobile web browser markets.

Shim Jae-bum, CEO of Logic Plant, which developed the uZard Web, said, “We will continue to upgrade uZard Web products, while striving to develop systems that meet user experience more than anything.”