LIVE K presents ‘VIRTUAL LIVE’ at the 2021 Metaverse Hub & DCC Global Demo Day


LIVE K participated in the ‘2021 Metaverse Hub & DCC Global Demo Day’ held on Dec 8th introducing HOLO LIVE and VIRTUAL LIVE.

LIVE K produces creative content that converges Korean culture. Most of the show contents are connected to CT such as motion graphics, media façade, and holograms, so you can fully enjoy Korean media art, holographic shows, and interactive media shows and exhibitions.

During the demo day, LIVE K’s core technologies ‘HOLO LIVE’ and ‘VIRTUAL LIVE’ were presented.

HOLO LIVE is a real-time hologram and streaming service. LIVE K has a virtual live stage and broadcast digital set, making it possible to create holographic images of K-POP stars such as BTS and transmit them in real-time to fans and audiences faraway.


In addition, VIRTUAL live technology is a technology that synthesizes real people and 3D space in real-time based on a game engine. It also has a feature thatlinks and synthesizes real camera tracking and virtual camera tracking real-time.

Based on this technology, LIVE K planned, produced, and operated the ‘2021 Miss World Universe Korea’ metaverse contest. They also produced a live hologram broadcast of the 5G HoloLive MR Theater and MBC Hope Campaign ‘Na Tae-Joo Hologram Show’.

A LIVE K official said, “We participated in this demo day to develop various metaverse technologies through our own domestic technology that extracts and streams live hologram images in real time based on 5G rather than editing and editing the video after shooting it.” he said.

LIVE K CEO Nam-kwon Jo presenting about their company’s services at the ‘2021 Metaverse Hub & DCC Global Demo Day’ │Photo by AVING NEWS

He continued, “In a situation where large-scale events are restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will work hard to actively respond to the non-face-to-face event culture in the future by providing technical support from the world’s first metaverse-based beauty pageant and by acting as a key company in the Metaverse that opened a non-face-to-face event culture.We will be reborn as a ‘Metaverse Company’ representative.”

Meanwhile, the 2021 Metaverse Hub & DCC Global Demo Day was organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Hye-sookLim). It was held to discover promising companies with great potential for overseas expansion among the companies supported by the Metaverse Hub and Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center (DC Center), a business support facility operated by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency(President Chang-yong Kim) and the Next Generation Convergence Content Industry Association (Chairman Yo-cheol Choi, NCIA)