Link Optics announced Clinical results of Luminiel Y at 2022 CES


Linkoptics (CEO Yongwon Choi) participated in the 2022 CES exhibition, the world’s largest IT home appliance show held in Las Vegas, USA and announced the clinical results of Luminiel Y at 11am on the 6th (Thursday) at the Venetian EXPO Integrated Korean Pavilion Pitching Room.

About 2,200 companies participated in CES, which marks its 55th anniversary this year, for three days from January 5, presenting technologies and exhibitions of products in various fields as Future innovative technologies such as Wearable healthcare, Metabus, Artificial intelligence, Carbon neutrality, and Smarthome etc.

By using LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy), Luminiel Y of Linkoptics has the results of 19% increase of collagen, 64% decrease of Candida bacillus known as the main cause of vaginal disease, and 11% decrease of Odors and Ammonia, the Clinical Tests conducted by Prof. Kim Soo-rim (Obstetrics) of INTL. ST.MARY’S HOSPITAL.CKU in S.Korea.

Linkoptics, the medical equipment company established in 2004, won the Minister of Commerce and Industry Award and the Minister of SME last year for developing wearable healthcare products such as Luminiel y and Luminile I Patch. It holds 89 patents.


Luminiel Y, which was released following Luminile I Patch to improve wrinkles around the eyes, received a lot of attention during the CES exhibition as a wearable healthcare product that prevents vaginitis and itching caused by vaginosis in women and reduces unpleasant odors. It has obtained FDA, CE, CB certification and has been exported to Overseas markets including Europe and Asia since its launch.

So far, a total of 16 clinical trials have been conducted for 10 major diseases, and after verifying safety and validity through clinical trials, Luminiel I patch & Luminiel Y have been well developed, and also Linkoptics has been preparing for further commercialization such as Bedsore treatment and Wrist pain relief.

Choi Yong-won (CEO) introduced the strong points of Wearable healthcare Luminiel Y through the 2022 CES pitching day. as he said Linkoptics promotes the advantages of Korea’s Medical & Wearable healthcare technologies based on Photonics to the World.


Meanwhile, CES, the world’s largest IT exhibition, is an exhibition where you can grasp the flow of the global home appliance industry at a glance. It is hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is held every January. AVING NEWS, which has been covering CES for 16 consecutive years, has been sending the most news around the world every year since 2006, and will host ‘Best of CES 2022’ to select the best innovative products and technologies and ‘BEST OF MADE IN KOREA’ to select notable Korean companies. In addition, AVING LIVE, which conveys issues at the CES site, will be held for 7 days including Media Day.

* Special Reporters: Ashley Kim, Joseph Choe, KidaiKIm, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Yeawon Choi, Wansu Kim

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