LINK Focuses on “UV Sterilization” for Smartphones, a Necessity for the People of Today… Creating a ‘LINK’ Between Customers

Smartphone Sterilizer │Photo – LINK

LINK Co., Ltd. (CEO Cheol-gyun Jeong) is a professional manufacturer that has been focusing on personal hygiene UV sterilization such as smartphone sterilizers, tumblers with sterilization and portable toothbrush sterilizers since its establishment in 2012.

Amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, preparations for personal hygiene are becoming more important. In particular, smartphones, masks, and tumblers are essential items for modern people, but they are also hotbeds for germs.

LINK’s smartphone sterilizer helps prevent secondary bacterial infections by sterilizing smartphones that are constantly held. It proves essential these days when there is a high risk of virus transmission and exposure to bacteria. It can also sterilize smaller objects such as masks, wristwatches, and glasses.It was selected as the ‘Hit 500’ in 2017 and the ‘Excellent Invention’ in 2019. It can be used wirelessly with a USB charging method and even when you get a call or a text, you are able to see the phone through the front half mirror as the light on the screen is transmitted.

Meanwhile, as the problem of plastic environmental pollution emerges worldwide, the demand for tumblers as a replacement for disposable cups is continuously increasing. However, bacteria inside tumblers multiply over time due to saliva even after a single use.In line with the trend of using portable items, the sizes of tumblers are getting smaller making it more difficult to clean, which can be harmful to our health.Accordingly, LINK succeeded in developing a LED UV-C sterilization tumbler based on its long-standing UV-C sterilization technology and know-how.

LED UV-C Sterilizing Tumbler │Photo – LINK

The UV-C LED sterilizes the inside of the tumbler for 1 minute and 30 seconds and it automatically turns off after the sterilization cycle ends.Ultraviolet light can pass through water which can be sterilized, and it can be used about 80 times when fully charged by adopting the Type-C USB charging method.It is equipped with a gyro sensor to automatically turn off when the lid is flipped 180 degrees to protect the eyes.Using the 304SS stainless steel double vacuum method, it can keep beverages chilled for 18-hours and warm beverages for 8-hours. It has also been certified for KC radio wave safety and CE/RoHS.

The “Portable Razor Sterilizer + Cleaner” product currently being prepared prevents bacterial skin penetration and skin irritation by sterilizing bacteria from razor blades that directly touch the skin.Furthermore, the clean pad removes foreign substances from the razor blade so that it can be used longer. It aims to be released in January this year.

LINK CEO Cheol-gyun Jeong introducing the Portable Razor Sterilizer │Photo – AVING NEWS

An official from LINK said, “We plan to strengthen our B2C market in the future. We will also focus on collaborating and communicating with consumers to develop new products and supplement existing products through feedback from domestic and foreign consumers.Currently, we are preparing to receive CE certification and LOHAS certification to enter the U.S. and European markets starting from Japan, our main export market. The goal is to take sales stably through diversification of export markets and be registered on the KOSDAQ within the next two years”.

They also added, “We hope that the philosophy of being connected to each other, as seen in our company name and brand ‘LINK,’ will continue by our consumers introducing the products to other consumers they have made a relationship with.”