Lighters Company Showcases ‘Kooky’, an App for the Global K-Pop Fandom, at SWITCH 2022… “Bridging the Gap Between Artists and Fans!”

Lighters Company Co., Ltd. (CEO Hami Kim) attended ‘SWITCH 2022 (The Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology 2022)’, the global startup exhibition held in Singapore between October 25th(Tues) and 28th(Fri)

Hami Kim, the CEO of Lighters Company, introducing the company’s ‘Kooky’ app at the Pitching Contest at SWITCH 2022 │Photo by – AVING News

Lighters Company is a startup company that has operated ‘Kooky’, an application for the global K-Pop fandom since its establishment in October 2020 and provides K-Pop content curated through AI technology based on big data.

Hami Kim was chosen as the representative of the only Korean company to be selected as Top 10 in ‘Huawei Spark Ignite 2022’ which was recently held in Singapore and was 1st place in the mobile application category.

Over 1,500 startups from around the world applied to ‘Huawei Spark Ignite 2022’, and Lighters Company was the only Korean company to be selected to Top 15 and participated in the Final Event held at Marina Bay Sands to pitch to Huawei APAC board members and related investors.

As a result, they were chosen as number 1 in the mobile application category, partnering up with Huawei for collaboration and even receiving support for investment attraction.

Hami Kim (pictured on the left), the CEO of Lighters Company’, winning 1st place in the category of mobile applications of ‘Huawei Spark Ignite 2022’, │Image provided by – Lighters Company

Kooky, which was showcased at SWITCH 2022, is a global K-Pop fandom platform that aims to bridge the gap between artists and fans and focuses on relieving the difficulties of the more than 130 million global K-Pop fans have as fans. It is an open platform that helps new K-artists easily meet and interact with overseas fandoms.

Kooky has functions such as real-time live fan meetings, non-contact concert services, linking with the social media of artists, and managing fandom communities. It also provides various magazines, live feeds, votes, and other content that reflect the perspective of global K-Pop Kreators from countries like the US, Indonesia, Korea, and Vietnam.

With a UI friendly to global fans, Kooky currently provides all content in English. It goes beyond simple linguistic barriers and provides content that global fans can relate with and enjoy. In addition, by running separate fandom communities for each artist base, it is able to relieve the difficulties faced by global fans following the lack of fandom communities.

The ‘Kooky’ app │Image provided by – Lighters Company

Through collaboration with artist hoping to expand their activities overseas, Kooky provides global fans with opportunities to meet with new artists and gives the artists with a window of opportunity to go beyond Korea and grow as artists of the world.

Lighters Company has recently been given confirmation for a live broadcasting channel in the North and South American region from the organizing committee of the ‘2022 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS, TMA)’, and had a chance to successfully be the sole live broadcasters to the K-Pop fandom in the Americas. They plan to use this event to accelerate their expansion into the markets of North and South America. They revealed their ambitions to cement their position as a global fanbase platform through various fandom events and collaborations with artists.

CEO Hami Kim (pictured on the left) in an interview with foreign media at SWITCH 2022 │Photo by – AVING News

Having its 7th iteration this year, ‘SWITCH 2022’ is global startup exhibition hosted by Enterprise Singapore, a public institution under the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry. The 20 Korea startups that are attending ‘SWITCH 2022’ were selected by 2 organizations in KISED and Singapore’s KSC Center (KISED 10, KSC Center 10). Between October 25th to the 28th, the attending startups will be in the main event, where they will take part in programs like operating the K-STARTUP demo booth, K-STARTUP demo day, investors meeting, networking event, and pitching contest.  

Korean companies participating in the global startup exhibition ‘SWITCH 2022 (The Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology 2022)’ held in Singapore on the 25th | Photo – AVING NEWS